Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Miserable condition of the Hospitals of Delhi

Delhi Government is responsible for tragic death of 14 children - Vijender Gupta

Holding Delhi Government responsible for tragic death of 14 children in Kalawati Saran Hospital, BJP has demanded compensation of five lakh rupees each to the family members of the deceased children and registering case of criminal negligence against the persons responsible for the death.

          BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that the condition of the hospitals of Delhi & Central Governments are miserable.  Here corruption, negligence, arbitrariness and favouritism hold complete sway.  Those people who are rich are given proper treatment. The common man is left at the mercy of God.  Conditions are so bad that the heart patients who go the emergency ward for treatment are told to arrange for two to three lakh rupees immediately.  The patients of those families which do not arrange for it are left to die. 

          It may be mentioned that in Kalawati Saran Hospital on the 14th October, 2011 seven children died within 60 minutes in the night who were suffering from fever.  In the beginning hospital administration did not take it seriously.  When the media became active only then the hospital administration and Delhi Government awakened.  After ordering for an enquiry into this matter Chief Ministers of Delhi and the Central Governments Minister's think to have completed their responsiblity.  It is surprising that within the last 24 hours seven more children died due to high fever.  Now no responsible person of the hospital administration or Delhi Government is ready to take the responsibility for the death of the children.  On this Deepawali there is atmosphere of gloom in 14 houses but the Government is not worried at all. 

          At present thousands of people are becoming victim of water borne diseases due to supply of contaminated water in Delhi.  There is no arrangement for emergency treatment of patients in the hospitals.  If the numbers of patients admitted to the private hospitals is added then this number will be in several thousands.

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