Friday, 14 October 2011

Sheila Dikshit should ascertain the views of the people before trifurcation of M.C.D. - Vijender Gupta

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded that before the finalisation of proposed trifurcation of the MCD, the Government must ascertain the views of the people of Delhi because the trifurcation of MCD will adversely affect the development and future of Delhi.

            He told that the statements and conduct of the Chief Minister of Delhi indicate that the Government is not worried about the development of Delhi.  Under a conspiracy Sheila Dikshit wants to weaken the MCD and grab its powers.  In democratic system the objections and suggestions of people are taken before deciding on big issues.  Before the privatisation of power in Delhi, the objections and suggestions were invited from the people.  Whenever Government takes any policy decision it certainly makes the people a party to that decision. It will be possible only when the Government puts the complete plan of trifurcation on the website and publication in all leading newspapers to invite the suggestions from the people.

            The behaviour of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit on the issue of trifurcation it appears she has become so much adamant and it is clear that she is taking a policy decision for its own sake. There is no need of the views of 1.5 crore people of Delhi.  Shri Gupta told that before the trifurcation Sheila Dikshit should provide sufficient time to the people for giving their views and suggestions.  In this connection the Government should come with the detail plan how this plan of Sheila Dikshi will benefit to the people of Delhi and how the development of Delhi will be ensured. 

            BJP Delhi Pradesh President has raised a question to the Sheila Dikshit that the Central Home Ministry has not taken any final decision with regard to the trifurcation of MCD.  In such situation why the Sheila Dikshit is in so much haste that it is taking arbitrary decisions without waiting for the views of the Home Ministry and the people of Delhi.  He further told that the people want to know that after trifurcation of MCD how its financial needs will be fulfilled.  It is possible that any of the three Corporations may become financially weak and other financial stronger.  If it happenes then there will not be uniform development of Delhi.  Disparities will increase in Delhi.  The people will also face shortage of amenities.  He has demanded the Central and Delhi Governments that before the trifurcation of MCD they should inform the people of Delhi about their assessment of the financial conditions, advantages and disadvantages from the trifurcation through advertisements and a final decision should be taken only after considering the objections and suggestions of the people in this regard.

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