Saturday, 11 August 2012

Central and Police liberal attitude helped Gopal Kanda to abscond


On the sad and tragic incident of Geetika Sharma suicide instigated by former State Home Minister of Haryana Gopal Kanda, BJP demands CBI enquiry in the incident under the observation of High Court and immediate arrest and strict legal action against accused Gopal Kanda. 

It may be mentioned that on 4th August Geetika Sharma found herself hanging on a ceiling fan at her house situated in Ashok Vihar. In suicide note written by the diseased, it is clearly written that she was instigated to commit suicide by Gopal Kanda and on of his employee named Aruna Chaddha. Despite the fact suicide note written by Geetika Sharma reveals that Gopal Kanda solely responsible for her suicide Delhi Police did not arrested Gopal Kanda, 5 days have been passed since the date of incident and Delhi Police have not made any serious and concrete efforts to arrest the accused persons and he was found roaming freely in Delhi and Haryana. He also openly addressed the Press Conference after the incident but the police did not bothered to arrest the high profile former minister. 

BJP Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta, National Secretary Vani Tripathi, Pradesh Mahila Morcha President Shikha Rai addressing the press persons in a joint Press Conference at the Pradesh Office today said that they charged Central Government and Delhi Police for poor and intentionally slow investigation in Gopal Kanda-Geetika Sharma incident. The Government and investigating agencies have enough time to accused for destroying evidences and influence witnesses in his favour so that he can avail best legal remedy to escape from the present case. In meanwhile the accused Gopal Kanda have filed an anticipatory bail which was rejected by the Rohini Court. It is surprising that after many days of incident today police party raided his Haryana situated house of accused, it appears that the great pressure has been built up on the Government and the investigation agencies to go slow in this case due to his high profile stretcher. 

In today’s raid, Delhi Police have arrested only one of his employees from his house and Kanda was absconding from his residence of Gurgaon. It is unfortunate that the Congress rule states is having poor law and order, especially crimes against women on the rise, corruption is touching sky. It is more unfortunate that it is happening under the shelter of their Government. In Maharastra, Assam, Hariyana, Rajasthan etc states the Government Ministers were accused of crime against women in several cases. Recently in Haryana, Minister Om Prakash Jain and Jile Ram were forced to resign due to corruption charges. Now, Gopal Kanda was removed another Minister charged for sexual exploitation of employee which instigated her to commit suicide. 

Shri Vijender Gupta has raised question that how the owner of the MDLR Airlines Gopal Kanda became Billionaire in few years duration of time, this need investigation by Finance Ministry for his sources of money. He further demanded that the Home Ministry should answer why the police did not take any action for such a long time against the high profile Gopal Kanda, people wants to know the truth. He alleged that when the Home Minister of the State is accused of heinous crime, then it can be easily imagined with this incident that what will be the law and order situation of that state. It is surprising and unfortunate that till date NCWA is quite on this incident. 

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