Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Poor people can not purchase gas cylinder of rs. 400 : kerosene is cheap fuel

Kerosene free delhi programme is only election stunt – Vijender Gupta 

New Delhi, 21st August.  BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that Kerosene Free Delhi programme of the Government is only an election stunt.  Poor people using kerosene in Delhi have not been getting kerosene for the last five years.  They complain that when they go to ration shops they find notice board showing ‘kerosene is not available’.
He has asked the Chief Minister and Food Supply & Consumer Affairs Minister Haroon Yusuf to state that what is the quota of kerosene for Delhi?  How much kerosene is sold in the black-market?  What action has been taken by the Government during the last 14 years against blackmarketeers?  What is the number of families using kerosene?  Whether these families are economically capable to purchase gas cylinders continuously?   Shri Gupta told that the poor people who could cook their food by spending only Rs. 150 on kerosene, how they can purchase a gas cylinder of Rs. 400.  Kerosene is the cheapest and useful fuel for the poor. 
Shri Gupta revealed that the data only upto year 2007 is available on the website of Food Department whereas the present year is 2012.  If one looks at the data upto year 2000 then the total number of BPL families in entire Delhi is 4,66,050.  Similarly the number of AAY and JRC card holders is also large.  Besides this more than 10 lakhs such poor families live in capital who have no proof or card of identity with them. 
The Government has spent crores of rupees on advertisements to secure the votes of the poor people by promising lollypop of free LPG connections.  The condition is that the applicant must attach details of his bank account with the application form for free gas connections.  How can the people who have no proof of their residence in Delhi give bank account number?  In the definition of the Planning Commission under Central Government it has been stated that the person earning more than 32 Rs. Per day is above poverty line.  This way persons earning Rs. 960 per month will be treated below poverty line.  At present one cylinder of gas costs Rs. 396.  If a poor family will spend 396 rupees for one gas cylinder then how it will fulfill its other need by Rs. 564 only?  The kerosene free Delhi programme of Delhi Government is nothing, but fraud.

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