Monday, 20 August 2012

Public meeting in constitution club on the assam problem

dislodge congress govt. othewise the country will have to face third partition – nitin gadkari 

BJP National President Shri Nitin Gadkari has said that due to the complete failure of Manmohan Govt. and vote bank politics of Congress serious problem has arisen in Assam. There is danger of one more partition of the country due to it. He has appealed to the people of the country that if we have to save India then we will have to dislodge Congress Govt. 

Shri Gadkari was addressing a public meeting organized by Delhi BJP on the current issue of Assam in the Constitution Club today. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta presided over the meeting. He demanded that stringent laws should be framed soon to deport all the illegal Bengladeshis living in India and be implemented with immediate effect. 

BJP National President told that the Assam problem is not only the problem of Assam, but of all the original citizens of the country. This problem should not be seen from the Hindu-Muslim angle. Assam problem has been created under a conspiracy by illegal Bangladeshis citizens and Congress Govt. This will lead to dangerous consequences if we continue to sit over this problem. Former State Home Minister Shri Sriprakash Jaiswal himself admitted that 1,20,53,000 illegal Bangladeshis are living in our country at present. This problem cropped up during the Prime Ministership of Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru. Now this problem has become very grave. 

He further told that open borders of Assam and J & K is about 1500 kms. long. Until concrete wall is not constructed on the entire border, the problem of infiltration will not be solved. Citing the example of a small country like Israel, Shri Gadkari told that he has visited that country 10 times. Israel has constructed strong and tall wall on its 500 kilometer long border and sealed it. Live electric currant passes on the wall 24 hours. Can’t India construct such wall? Only 800 crore rupees are required to construct concrete wall on the 1500 kilometer border of India. The Govt. which commits coal bungling of 1.86 lakh crores, can not that Govt. spent 800 crore rupees for our security. 

Addressing the jam packed Constitution Club, Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that the Congress Party and Congress Party allowed the Assam problem to become grave only for vote bank politics. Now this problem has become cancer for the country. The illegal Bangladeshis have changed the political & social structure of Assam. These people are becoming stronger than the original inhabitants of Assam. 

Grabbing land, murdering the tribal people, indulging in loot and creating terror among them and claiming to be the citizens of Assam have become tools in the hands of Bangladeshis. They have also become voters in Assam. The condition is so grave that the BJP units in Delhi and Mumbai have sent relief material in the relief camps for the original inhabitants of Assam. It is clear that the original inhabitants have been rendered homeless and unemployed. 

Rajya Sabha Member and senior Journalist Shri Chandan Mitra told that the Govt. should experiment with his formula - Dictate, Delete & Deport and should drive out all the illegal Bangladeshis from India so that the country may live in peace. It is surprising that more than 5 lakh original inhabitants of the country are living in relief camps in their own country and crores of illegal Bangladeshis are committing atrocities on them. Assam Govt. and the Central Govt. have failed to provide security to them. This is a matter of national shame. 

Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra told that the Govt. can not escape its responsibility by holding Pakistan responsible for it. If Pakistan has succeeded in spreading rumour in entire India then what were the Intelligence Agencies and the Govt. doing? This is complete failure of Manmohan Govt. This Govt. has completely failed in providing internal and external security. National General Secretary Shri Vijay Goel told that Manmohan Govt. has also failed in implementing three judgements of the Supreme Court delivered in 2004. If the charges of the Govt. are true then a small country like Pakistan has defeated our country in cyber war. Can not we provide security to our citizens inside the country? Is not this a matter of shame for the Government? 

Convener of North-East Contact Cell Shri Sunil Devdhar, Secretary Vani Tripathi, Mayors Meera Aggarwal, Annapurna Mishra, Legislators, Councillors, senior leaders and large number of students from North-East living in Delhi participated in the public meeting. Many leaders also addressed the people. The meeting was conducted by Pradesh General Secretary Shri Pravesh Verma. 

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