Tuesday, 7 August 2012

When the election approaches the Government remembers about the unauthorized colonies

Announcement of regularisation of unauthorised colonies by the government is an election stunt – Vijender Gupta 

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded the Government that in place of playing fraud continuously with 50 lakh residents of 1639 unauthorized colonies of Delhi in the name of regularization it should immediately regularize them on ‘as is, where is basis’. All the colonies should be provided basic amenities like the regularized colonies. If the intentions of Government are good then it should stop showing golden dreams on the occasion of elections to the people of unauthorized colonies and start development work immediately in all the colonies. 

Pradesh President has asked, will the Government tell that will there be permission to construct houses in the colonies about which it is talking of regularization. Will the lay-out plans of houses in these colonies be approved? Will the Government start development work like other regularized colonies? Has the plan for development of these colonies been prepared by the Government? Will it provide power, water, sewerage, employment, entertainment facilities, education and health services, develop industries, environment, police and fire brigade, parks, pucca roads etc.? 

BJP has clarified about the regularization of unauthorized colonies that first of all boundaries of the colonies are fixed after that lay-out plans are finalized. For the purpose of finalizing lay-out plan many State level and Central barriers have to crossed. There are so many complications due to which the Government has not been able to approve the lay-out plan of these colonies. After approval of lay-out plans, notification of these colonies is issued. In such situation announcement of regularizing 658 colonies is only an attempt to mislead the people of these colonies. 

On the occasion of last three Assembly elections the Congress Government has played fraud with the residents of unauthorized colonies. Before the 2008 Assembly elections, 1200 unauthorized colonies were given provisional certificates. It was also promised that basic amenities shall be provided after regularization. Even after four years not a single colony has been regularized. Shri Gupta has said that neither the Lt. Governor of Delhi nor the Central Government have jurisdiction to regularize 658 colonies about which announcement for regularization has been made by the Government. Under a political conspiracy the Government is again playing fraud with 50 lakh people in view of the forthcoming elections.

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