Saturday, 18 August 2012

Chief minister blames inhabitants of other states for failure of present govternmen – vijender gupta

Reacting on the statement given by the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit in which she has blamed the inhabitants of other States for chaos in Delhi. Shri Gupta rejecting the irresponsible statement of the Chief Minister of Delhi it appears that Sheila Dikshit is escaping her responsibility. 

Shri Gupta told that Chief Minister of Delhi in her 14 years tenure on many occasions and termed always inhabitants of other States as big burden on Delhi. On many occasions, she has blamed that the inhabitants of other States for poor infrastructure and for promoting crimes. By giving such vage statements several times the Chief Minister has escaped from her responsibility. But Sheila Dikshit should not forget that she is the Chief Minister of a State capital which is also capital of big country. It is moral & constitutional duty of State Government that they should provide adequate necessary amenities to the lakhs of Delhiites to live with dignity. Chief Minister has completely failed to fulfill these basic duties for the people of Delhi. That is why Chief Minister blames inhabitants of other states for her failure. 

Each and every state is different kind of features & challenges for which CM is responsible to tackle every kind of situations. For example States spreaded over the coastal lines have to face flood etc. Hilly States have to face problems like land sliding, road accidents. States like J & K have to face problems like infilerations, terrorism, and heavy snowfall. West Bengal, Assam & Bihar States have to face Bangladeshis infiltrators problem. The Chief Ministers of these States can not run their responsible merely saying that they are unable to tackle these problems in their States. The population growth has been drastically increased in Capitals & important cities in all over the world. Migration from villages to cities is taking place in the entire world. Delhi is not exception to these modern world phenomena. He further said by terming inhabitants of other States as a big challenge for Delhi. By giving her statement it proves that the Central Government has completely failed to provide adequate help to the States. That is why inhabitants of other States are migrating to big cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata etc. The Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit failed to provide basic amenities like water & electricity in her rule of last 14 years in Delhi and more over the life of the people of Delhi will be extremely difficult by her dictatorial decision for privatization of electricity & water in the coming days in Delhi

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