Thursday, 30 August 2012


An important workshop was organised by the SDMC in Civic Centre on the subject of protection of the people from vector borne diseases. Many RWAs, Corporation Officials, Government Officials and Member of the public participated and learned about the measures to be taken for protection from vector borne diseases. 

Addressing the workshop, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that although the Rainy season makes the earth green and prosperous, it also gives birth to many diseases during the season. Many worms, bacteria, virus, mosquitoes are born due to which the people have to face many diseases. Delhi is the capital of India where the population is about 2 crores. The density of the population in Delhi is also on higher side. Due to this there is more danger of vector borne diseases. 

He further told that prevention is better than cure of diseases. If the people start preventive measures before the out break of the diseases then they will remain healthy and may not have to spend unnecessarily on medicines. The BJP, through all the Corporations has undertaken to protect the people of Delhi from vector borne diseases. This workshop was organised by the SDMC in this directions. Lakhs of people will be benefit from this awareness programme. 

The Mayor of SDMC Smt. Savita Gupta presided over the workshop. Distinguish guests S. Shri Subhash Arya, Rajesh Gehlot, Sudeshwati, Shailender Singh etc. addressed the people participating in the workshop. Mayor Savita Gupta expressed her gratitude to all the persons who participated in the workshop. She told the representatives of RWAs that if there is any apprehension of vector borne diseases in their areas, then they should immediately take the help of Municipal Corporation.

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