Thursday, 9 August 2012

Delhi Government & Home Ministry failed to deport 4 lakh bangladeshis from delhi – Vijender gupta

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta said that if the 4 lakh Bangladeshis are not deported immediately from Delhi then the Assam like situation can also arose in the capital of the country. He asked from the Chief Minister of Delhi and Union Home Minister Shri Sushil Kumar Shinde that the High Court had already given clear directions to Delhi Government for deporting illegal migrants from Delhi why the court’s directions are not complied till today? Whether the Congress Government is not tangled in vote bank politics? 

Shri Gupta said that taking a serious note on a PIL in 2002, Delhi High Court had given directions to the Home Ministry & Chief Minister of Delhi in regard to deporting immediately the illegal Bangladeshis as maximum numbers. At that time directions were given for the implementation of Court order for deporting illegal Bangladeshis and to constitute a special task force in each district. Court further given directions to detain at least 100 Bangladeshis each every day and hand over to Illegal Migrants Cell for the deportation to Bangladesh. 

He further said the Home Ministry & State Governments not taking directions as serious only 42,990 illegal Bangladeshis were deported in the last ten years. In fact as per the directions of the Court till today minimum 3 lakh 65 thousand illegal migrants would have been deported. Inspite of deporting illegal Bangladeshis living in Delhi, the State Government is providing them Voter I-cards, PEN card, ration card, adhar card, Insurance card, banks accounts etc. so that their illegal migrants status can not be challenged in India for the sake of vote bank politics. 90% illegal Bangladeshis living in Delhi have collected enough evidences to take citizenship of India. 

Due to the indifference attitude of the State Government the Police escape from their responsibility despite the High Court directions. The recent criminal incidents in Delhi investigations have revealed these Banagladeshis are involved in heinous crimes like murder, dacoity, loot, chain snatching, theft, drug paddling, duplicate currency, sale of spurious liquor, kidnapping of minors. Congress Government deliberately not taking any concrete steps against them due to vote of politics for which the people of the capital have to pay heavy price in the coming days.

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