Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Sushma Swaraj will announce decisive battle in 4th August Conference

Summit of 3,000 RWAs to protest against the conspiracy of the Government to earn heavy profit from water & power and make the people poor 

New Delhi, 1st August. BJP has called a big Conference of representatives of more than 3,000 RWAs and Traders organizations of Delhi to protest against commercialization of basic requirements like power & water besides unreasonable hike in the tariff. Smt. Sushma Swaraj, senior BJP leader will address this conference. Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta will preside over the Conference. In this Conference a decisive strategy to fight against the Government, power companies and DERC will be announced. 

This information was given to the press persons by Shri Vijender Gupta in a press conference today. He told that such a big conference was never held in the history of Delhi on the issue of water & power. When the Government, power companies and DERC crossed all the limits of atrocity then the BJP stood to protect the interests of the people. This fight is decisive. Manmohan Singh only changed the Ministry of the Energy Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde when he could not prevent grid failure continuously for two days. This is only an attempt by the Prime Minister to mislead the people. Now the people want the end of Manmohan Singh Government. 

BJP has resolved that it will not allow the anti people, corrupt and despotic Government of Delhi to continue which is in power for the last 14 years. It may be mentioned that the Chief Minister of Delhi has announced that within the next two years entire system of water supply will be privatized. During the last ten years there has been 1700% increase in the power tariff in Delhi. After privatization it will further increase by many hundred percent which will be beyond the capacity of the people of Delhi to pay. The poor people may not get even water from public drains. 

The Conference on 4th August is important because experts of the country on energy policy, water policy shall also participate in this conference and they shall expose the cunningness of the Government before the people present on this occasion. Power point presentation will also be done on this occasion. Famous water expert Prof. Bhagwati Prasad from Udaipur will present a detailed agenda of the Government on the commercialization of water. He will inform that how the Government of India and Delhi are going to hand over the invaluable water resource of India to the foreign companies. 

The Party has been making preparations for this conference aimed to protest the atrocities of Government on water & power. All the BJP Legislators and Councilors have been given responsibility to call the meetings of RWAs in their areas and inform them about the evil intentions of the Government and the facts in this regard. So far 200 such meetings have been convened in various parts of Delhi. All the sections, RWAs participated in these meetings and they announced about attacking the Government. 

Shri Gupta told that a large number of RWAs have enquired about this programme. They have also given their acceptance in writing about their participation in the conference. Merchant Associations, Traders Associations, Industrial Associations have also given their acceptance to participate in this conference. Other organizations are being invited through SMS, e-mail & letters. The office bearers of the party have been given responsibility to personally contact the RWAs. BJP has also prepared a form for the participants of the conference on which written comments of the RWAs have been sought from the RWAs. They are sending the filled up forms with their comments in large numbers. 

The companies are benefiting by selling power and making the people poor. The Government has benefited by privatization of power and hence it has planned to privatize water of the country also. The water mafias of the world are targeting huge water resource of the country. Government is under the control of the foreign companies. If the people of the country and Delhi do not become aware about it then it will be too late. The agriculture of the country will be ruined and the people will crave for drops of water.

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