Friday, 3 August 2012

Contempt Notice to Delhi Chief Secretary and Transport Department by the High Court is glaring example of collapsing administrative structure of Delhi

Leader of the Opposition in Delhi Assembly, Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra from London and Shri Vijender Gupta, President, Delhi Pradesh BJP, in a statement released to-day, said that the Contempt notice issued by the Hon’ble Chief Justice A. K. Sikri and Justice Rajiv Sahay of Delhi High Court to the Chief Secretary and Transport Commissioner of Delhi is the glaring example of the collapsing administrative structure of the Delhi Govt.

Prof. Malhotra and Shri Vijender Gupta said that the Chief Minister of Delhi is showing her rigid stand and stubbornness in the BRT issue whereas many Committees and now the Hon’ble High Court have passed strictures against the Delhi Govt. BRT Project has been proved as an utter failure project but the Chief Minister of Delhi is adamant to put forward her rigid views and crossed all the limits of decency and decorum of administration.

Both the Leaders said that the Chief Minister should shed her adamant stand and implement the order of the Hon’ble High Court to allow all public vehicles to ply on BRT Corridor so that the Delhites would get some relief from the traffic congestion.

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