Saturday, 25 August 2012


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that in view of its certain defeat in the forthcoming assembly election, the Congress Government is making frantic efforts. Due to this it is adopting many political stunts. The announcement made by representatives of the Government about regularisation of 917 unauthorised colonies in September itself is a white lie. In the present circumstances and according to the provisions of the Gazette notification not a single colony can be regularised. This Government is trying only to mislead 50 lakh people of unauthorised colonies. 

Shri Gupta has given the following information required for the regularisation of unauthorised colonies which have been laid by the Government itself:- 

Regulations for the regularisation of unauthorised colonies of Delhi were notified for the information of the general public in the Gazette of India dated 24th March, 2008. Under it 35 criteria were laid down by the Government in this regard. 

The colonies could be regularised after fulfilling the required criteria and completing several legal formalities. But after this notification the intentions of the Government changed and it issued a second Gazette notification on the 16th June which was meant to benefit the Congress Government. In this notification many hurdles in the regularisation of the colonies were created. The power of the survey of colonies was taken back from the MCD and handed over to the survey of India which was improper. 

The Government deprived the MCD of its powers to approved lay out plan, boundary wall and other legal formalities and authorised itself for political advantage. It would be proper here to mention that in the year 2011, the MCD had amended layout plans of 160 unauthorised colonies and sent back to Delhi Government for further approval. Delhi Government was to fix the boundary walls of these colonies. Out of these the Delhi Government issue public notification for 51 colonies in which objections were invited from the people to the fixing boundary walls of the related colonies. But after that the entire case was put in cold storage. 

Hundreds of objections were filed by the people in response to the notification. Due to this Delhi Government became worried and postponed regularisation of all the unauthorised colonies. Shri Gupta has asked the Chief Minister when the Government had issued gazette notification for the regularisation of colonies on 24th March, 2008 then why another complicated Gazette notification was issued on 16th June, 2008 for taking the credit in this regard. When the MCD sent the layout plans of 160 colonies to Delhi Government then why the concerned papers were not returned to the MCD after fixing the boundary walls of these colonies and giving required approval? 

When the authority to fix boundary wall and approved layout plan was with MCD then why Delhi Government took over this authority to keep the case pending and why it issued fresh notification dated 16th June, 2011? Why the Government assigned the work of fixing boundary wall of unauthorised colonies to IP University whereas this university had never done this job. This university has not fixed boundary walls of any unauthorised colonies till date. In the mean time people moved the High Court of Delhi. Hon’ble High Court issued two orders to the effect that before regularising any unauthorised colony, it should firstly appraise the court in writing about completion of all the legal formalities and about providing all the basic amenities. 

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