Thursday, 23 August 2012


BJP has demanded the Lt. Governor of Delhi and Chief Minister of Delhi that they should implement the provisions of Delhi Apartment Ownership Act 1986 for the benefit of 22 lakh Apartment owners of the capital. Government should implement this Act with immediate effect in the capital so that 22 lakh apartment owners living in multi storied residential buildings may be freed from the clutches of the builders and promoters. This will lead to a positive housing revolution in Delhi and 22 lakh families shall be benefited. 

Giving this information to the press persons BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that since Delhi is the capital of India and also a big city of the world hence, Delhi Apartment Ownership Act 1986 was framed to provide many benefits to the apartment owners. After the signatures of the President of India, this Act was notified by Law and Justice Ministry in the Gazette of India dated 23rd December, 1986. This was again notified in 1987 but the provision of the Act was not implemented deliberately. The representatives of Delhi Resident Front (Federation of Association of Apartment Owners) were present with Shri Gupta in the Press Conference. 

This Act was put in the cold storage. Shri Gupta has warned the Government and all the related departments that if this Act is not implemented immediately then a strong movement will be started by the party in entire Delhi with the apartment owners demanding implementation of the Act for the benefit of 22 Lakh apartment owner families. Shri Gupta told that the Government and its departments have kept the orders of the High Court pending deliberately so that 22 lakh families of Delhi may not get the benefit of this Act and the loot of builders and promoters may continue. 

The Association of Apartment’s Owners have formed Delhi Residents Front Federation in Delhi to fight for the implementation of the provisions Act in Delhi. Delivering its judgement on a public interest litigation in 2007, Delhi High Court issued two separate orders on 28th May, 2010 and 13th July, 2012 to the effect that the provisions of Deed of Apartment and other provisions of DAOA 1986 be implemented immediately. 

It is necessary to mention here that with the implementation of this Act, private apartments, Government, Co-operative Group Housing Society apartments, multi storied commercial and residential apartments constructed by the builders may be purchased, transferred, gifted etc freely. Besides this, with the implementation of this Act, the monopoly of Registrar Group Housing Societies, DDA, builders etc over the apartments will come to an end. The Association of Apartment Owners shall get all those rights related to the apartment which are with the promoters of these societies. 

Shri Gupta further told that the Government did not implement this Act due to its evil intentions because it has been exploiting 22 lakh apartment owners of Delhi for the last 30 years. Hence competent authorities have not been appointed for implementing the provisions and the bye-laws of the Act even after passing of the Act, approval of the President, notification in the Gazette and three notifications by the Administrator. Government is so much despotic that is it not caring about the stern orders of the High Court issued twice. Government and the department do not want to lose its authority over the apartments. It is also under the pressure of private builders lobby because they have been benefiting by the monopoly. 

Various Apartment Owners, Associations and Delhi Resident Fronts met the Ministers, Officers, Lt. Governor, Vice-Chairman of DDA, Registrar Group Housing Societies, Registry Office and requested that according to the directions of the High Court model bye laws should be framed in accordance with the provisions of the Act so that all the necessary documents stock, registers, account books may be transferred to the Apartment Owner Association from the Co-operative Group Housing societies and builders so that related work may be conducted in a democratic way. According to this Act the Apartment Owners Associations shall get the rights to maintain the apartments, operate the bank accounts and keep the registers etc. This will end the exploitation which continues for the last 30 years.

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