Monday, 27 August 2012

Ineligible persons selected, eligible persons running from pillar to post

Announcement of the Govt. to make Delhi free of j.j. clusters has failed – vijender gupta 

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that the announcement make by Delhi Government before the CWG in October 2010 to make Delhi free of J.J. Clusters has not been fulfilled till date. What to talk of providing pucca houses to the people of J.J. clusters, the Government is unable to provide cheap rations, kerosene, sugar etc. to the lakhs of BPL cardholders living in the J.J. clusters. 

Shri Gupta told that many years ago Rajiv Ratan Aawas Yojna was launched. Under this scheme about 8,000 flats are ready, but due to the pick & choose policy of the Government eligible persons are not getting these flats. Ineligible persons are conspiring to grab these houses by forging documents with the help of Government. 

Only 500 families of J.J. cluster, park, Badli industrial area, G.F. Block, Karampura, K.L. Block Wazirpur, Noor Nagar Jama Millia, Bangali Camp East Kidwai Nagar, Arjun Das Camp, Shiv Camp, D.B. Gupta Road J.J. cluster have been allotted flats. But these flats are so much sub-standard that it is difficult to live in them. Hundreds of families who are eligible for these flats are running from pillar to post. Wherever they go for allotment they are driven out. 

Similarly during the survey of North-West District, the Government could find only 523 jhuggis whereas the number of such juggis is in thousands. Government allotted flats to only 208 families and thousands of families could not get these flats. Delhi Urban Shelter Development Board is fully responsible for this failure. Even after the construction of 8,000 flats the jhuggis are intact. The plan to make Delhi free of jhuggie clusters remains incomplete. 

In view of the next Assembly elections, the Government has promised to give free gas connection with stove & cylinder to about 4 lakh poor families of Delhi and make Delhi kerosene free. There is large scale corruption in this scheme. Government has framed a plan to stop supplying kerosene to the poor families, but it does not know that the poor families who spent only Rs. 150/- on kerosene for preparing food, how shall they now spent 400 Rs.on a gas cylinder. From where they shall arrange so much money. The Food & Supply Department of Delhi Government is neither supplying ration nor kerosene or sugar to the people. 

BJP has decided to stage a protest march from Shahidi Park to Delhi Secretariat tomorrow at 11.00 a.m. to highlight the fraud of the Government with the demonstration of thousands of poor families of South Delhi. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta, Shri Vijay Goel, Shri Ramesh Bidhuri etc. shall lead the protest march. 

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