Wednesday, 22 August 2012

In the present conditions not a single colony can be regularised

Now Delhi Govt. wants to get rid of regularization of unauthorized colonies – Vijender Gupta 

The effort of Delhi Govt. to mislead 50 lakh residents of unauthorized colonies by promising them of regularization has been exposed. These colonies can not be regularized till the Central Government makes amendments in the Forest Act, Ridge Management Board Rules, AMASR Act and Delhi High Court also permits such regularization. 

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta had previously announced that it is beyond the powers of Delhi Government and the Central Government to regularize 197 colonies. Delhi Govt. will have to face many legal complications in regularization of these colonies. In view of the forthcoming Assembly elections, Delhi Government has again started showing golden dreams to the residents of unauthorized colonies. Chief Minister had announced that 917 colonies shall be regularized at once. All the legal and documentary formalities have been completed. 

On the one hand the Chief Minister is openly cheating the people and on the other, it is requesting the Central Urban Development Ministry that the Central Government should go to the High Court and get orders for regularization. It may be mentioned that Delhi High Court has already given orders that if the Government announces about regularizing even one colony and starts development work then it will have to inform the High Court about the legal status of the colonies being regularized. What criteria had been fixed by the Government for regularization? It is also essential to provide the number of colonies, its border, availability of land for providing basic amenities, inhabitation in the colonies upto the year 2007 etc. to the High Court. 

Shri Vijender Gupta told that the Government has not completed all the legal and documentary formalities about a single colony. It falsely announced that 917 colonies shall be regularized at once. Now in view of the orders of the Court, it is in a fix. Now it wants to save itself by putting the responsibility of regularization of the colonies on the Central Government.

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