Monday, 23 July 2012

All the parties should wait for the decision of High Court


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has appealed to all the people of Delhi that they should maintain peace till the decision of the High Court on the archaeological remains found during the excavation work for DMRC in Subhash Park because the cultural harmony in Delhi is famous in the entire world. Delhi is mini India. Till the ASI does not produce authentic report about the remains at the site, it is the responsibility of Home Ministry to maintain vigil, law and order and deal with the unruly elements sternly. He told that DMRC and Delhi Government are fully responsible for deterioration of law and order. Had these organisations arranged for sufficient police force immediately in view of the gravity and sensitiveness of the case and prevented violation of law then the atmosphere in Delhi may not have been vitiated. 

He further told that had the Government discharged its responsibility in the very beginning then chaos like situation may not have arisen. It is unfortunate that Rs.7.50 lakh were looted by the criminal elements after breaking the glass of the car of a trader from Ajmer Dr. Abdul Sattar Khan Bharatiya. His ailing daughter-in-law and son were with him. They could save their life with great difficulty. On 20th July itself High Court had directed Delhi Police and the Government to cordon off the disputed site and take possession of it within two hours. Nobody should be allowed to go there and status quo should be maintained till the decision of the court. 

Had the Government and the police implemented the decision of the High Court immediately no violence could have taken place. After the orders of the Government, the police took possession of the disputed site at Subhash Park at 11.30 PM on Saturday. The Gunda elements of the area were waiting for it. They spread rumour in the entire Jama Masjid area in a planned manner and stone pelting started within no time. Due to this many public transport buses were affected and people were injured in stone pelting. The people of the area remain indoors for their safety. There is atmosphere of terror in the entire area even at present. 

BJP Pradesh President has appealed to all the communities, sections that they should remain patient in the sensitive case of Subhash Park and wait for the report of ASI. All the sections of Delhi should respect the orders of the court and wait for its decisions. 

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