Wednesday, 4 July 2012

unite to fight against water privatization--- Vijender Gupta

 Delhi BJP President Shri Vijender Gupta in a press release today appealed all the citizens of Delhi to unitedly oppose the privation of water supply after they faced serious problem of Electricity as a consequence of its privatisation. The Chief Minister of Delhi Smt. Shiela Dixit yesterday disclosed her tacit move of privatisation of water supply with no transparency. If the move is not resisted, the people of Delhi will strive in the days to come to fetch a pale of water. Shri Gupta declared with no uncertain terms that BJP in Delhi will oppose tooth and nail against the privatisation move of Delhi Govt. in Jal supply, with all powers in its command. 

Shri Gupta today announced while opening a BJP Office in the MCD Rohini Zone Chairman Shri Parvesh Wahi at Rohini Sector and addressed the gathering there. The present Shiela Govt has totally failed in providing the basic and essential facilities to the people of Delhi and to suppress her failure and corruption, she is declaring every kind of sops to the people of Delhi day in and day out. This is just a ploy to allure the people and it is proved as only paper announcement. He pointed the joint move of DJB and MCD to testify the pollution/contamination level of water of Delhi. And after the test it was proved beyond doubt that about 32% of water is full of such bacteria which is enough to subscribe to the health of the people with serious disease that could take the lives easily. 

He is astonished that the Govt. of Delhi has not been able to provide even clean water to the people even after remaining in power for last 14 years because of lack of proper planning, transparency and corruption. Shri Gupta has held the CM of Delhi Smt. Shiela Dixit is only and directly responsible being the Chairwoman of DJB for offering the people with maladies like Choelera, Dysentry, Maleria, Jaundice and other life-taking desease due to water born backteria and contamination thereby. She is also responsible for denial of water supply to millions of people living in the places like Samgam Vihar, Chirag Delhi, Nangloi etc. which is an essential need for any household. While giving a statistic he emphasised that water sample of 3166 places were obtained jointly by MCD and DJB upto 22.6.12 and after test 1203 were found very dangerous. Likewise again out of 1978 sample 636 were found totally unfit for drinking after test. In fact during 1988 while she took over the reins of Delhi as CM, she proposed this privatisation but could not succeed due to forceful resistance of BJP against the move. But since then she has been clandestinely trying to move forward for privatisation process. In this direction, in the name of PPP in water supply during the year 2000 she moved through appointing a consultant of World Bank in the name of 24X7 hours supply. She has already got the evaluation of all the DJB properties in Delhi through Price Water Coopers. The problem occurred when the Consultant of World Bank disclosed this move of Shiela Govt. in public and the tacit move came to light. During last Assembly election the matter erupted as a volcano and the move was stopped. But even after that now she is bent upon to give benefits to the private firms hundreds of crores of rupees as has happened in the case of three companies under the umbrella of DISCOM/DERC. Now the people of Nangloi, Meharuli, Malviya Nagar, Vasant Kunj and Sonia Vihar will never tolerate this privatisation even though she has declared these area as a pilot projects and has pumped Rs. 143 crores of rupees for each project. The people will further suffer with fast meter also on privatisation, to be installed like Electricity Meter by these private players like IRCON and DEGREMONT etc.

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