Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Behaviour of the Commission irresponsible in molestation case of young girl in Guwahati


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded that the way in which the National Woman Commission has behaved in irresponsible manner by politicizing the case of molestation of young girl in Guwahati, it is obvious that the present National Woman Commission has failed to discharge its responsibility. Hence the present National Woman Commission should be dissolved immediately and a responsible and transparent Woman commission should be formed. 

He said that a criminal case should be filed against Alka Lamba for the crime of making public the name of victim minor girl of Assam to the Press and gets her punished for that. He has also raised a question that when Alka Lamba is not related to National Woman Commission then how she was included as member of enquiry team. Whether she included in the enquiry team as member of the Congress Party? Does National Woman Commission work at the instance of Congress Party? 

Shri Gupta told that the victim of molestation by the unsocial elements in a public place was student of 11th Standard and she is 17 years old. Hence this case should be dealt under Juvenile Justice Act 2000. By failing to doing so the National Woman Commission has given this case a political colour and made Alka Lamba as the Member enquiry team. After returning from Guwahati she convened a press conference and repeated the name of the victim girl and made her future dark. National Woman Commission and Alka Lamba are responsible for it. 

He further told that the Congress Party and Congress Government are bent upon misusing every constitutional institution. Congress Party and the Government are trying to politicize National Woman Commission on this basis. Until the Commissions and investigation agencies are not kept out the pressure and favour of the Government and Congress Party, nobody will be able to get justice.

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