Tuesday, 24 July 2012


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has accused that the Government is not concerned about steep price spiral and it is following one point programme of increasing the prices of every commodity although the common man may be forced to commit suicide. 

He told that the people have not adjusted themselves with the hike in the price of CNG, Diesel, Power/Water and the Government increased the price of petrol by 70 paisa per litre. Now, the price of petrol in Delhi is Rs. 68.48 per litre. The Government is going to hike the price of Diesel in near future. By increasing court fee 10 times higher, it has made arrangements to earn 500 crore rupees for delivery of justice also. Getting justice for the poor will become impossible due to this 10 fold increase in the court fee. 

Due to the apprehension of the deficit in the monsoon rains the profiteers, middlemen, hoarders and speculators have started increasing the price wheat, rice, gram, sugar, pulses, mustard oil etc. The wheat which was being sold at Rs. 1100 per quintal is now being sold at Rs.1350 per quintal. Food items have become costlier by 10 to 50 percent. The prices of vegetables have increased by 100 percent. Fruits are beyond the reach of common man. Sugar has become costlier by Rs.8 per kg and being sold at the rate of Rs.40 to 42 per kg. Price control department of the Government has vanished. 

The Central Government had expressed its apprehensions about draught in the northern states due to the forecast of the Metrological Department about deficient monsoon. The Agriculture Minister of the country is more concerned about his position in the cabinet and he is not attending his office properly for the last 15 days. He is fighting for No.2 position in the cabinet. Perhaps he has submitted his resignation to the Prime Minister for pressurising the Government. In such circumstances, the condition of agricultural country like India can be imagined easily. There is great shortage of water in the rivers. Central Water Commission has warned that the agricultural lands may remain unirrigated due to scarcity of water. Even after that the Government has not started inspecting the draught hit areas. 

There is possibility that prices may increase by 2 to 3 times in the coming days. Government is not taking any action. The prices of wheat, mustard, corn, gram, soybeans, arhar are likely to increase further due to failure of rains. Among the vegetables potatoes are being sold at the rate of Rs. 25 per kg, tomatoes Rs. 50 per kg, brinjal Rs. 40 per kg, bottle gourd Rs. 40 per kg, torai Rs. 50 per kg, beans Rs. 80 per kg, bitter gourd Rs. 40 per kg, cucumbers Rs. 40 per kg, spinach Rs. 40 per kg, onions Rs. 20 per kg, shimla mirch Rs. 80 per kg, carrots Rs. 80 per kg, green coriander Rs. 100 per kg, cabbage Rs. 50 per kg, cauliflower Rs. 50 per kg, arbi Rs. 40 per kg, ladyfingers Rs. 40 per kg, ginger Rs. 100 per kg, lemons Rs. 100 per kg, mangoes Rs. 50 to 100 per kg., bananas Rs. 50 per dozen, coconut Rs. 40 per pc. In future the prices of these vegetables/fruits may increase further. 

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