Friday, 20 July 2012

Urban Development Minister replies to the letter written to the CM by BJP Delhi Pradesh President


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that the letter written to him by the Urban Development and Revenue Minister Dr. Ashok Kumar Walia is misleading to the people on the subjects related to the Corporation and it indicates step motherly treatment with the newly constituted three Corporations. It may be mentioned that the Congress Government is not able to adjust to the reality that BJP has won all the three Corporations. Due to this the Government is fully trying to cripple the three Corporations economically and in man power also so that the Corporations may fail and the people may not get the amenities provided by the Corporations. For this purpose the Government is adopting many tactics and hatching conspiracy. 

On 17th July, 2012, Shri Vijender Gupta had written a letter to the Chief Minister demanding fund from the plan head, sufficient financial assistance by Delhi Government, Officers, Staff, working space etc. for the three Corporations. The Urban Development Minister Dr. Ashok Kumar Walia has replied to this letter. This letter contains misleading facts and the funds for which the Corporations are entitled have been termed as assistance by Delhi Government which is ridiculous. 

Shri Gupta told that all the three Corporations collect 78 percent amount spent by the Corporations on the public welfare oriented works from its own sources. The rest 22 percent fund comes under Section-107A of the MCD Act for which the Corporations have constitutional rights. It is surprising that for the fund which should have been given automatically to the Corporations under Section-107A, dozens of reminders have to be sent to the Delhi Government and only after that the fund was released in instalments and also after long time. 

The letter also contains matter about the loan to the Corporations by the Government. This is also given at the interest of 10.5 percent and the Government has in advance plan to recover the interest and the principal amount. Recently the Government has released the first instalment of global share to the three corporations. The Government has deducted 50 crore rupees as interest and 119 crore rupees as the amount of loan of the principal amount and given only Rs. 28 crore to the three Corporations which is like drops in the Ocean. How it is possible to develop entire Delhi with the help of 28 crore rupees by the three Corporations? 

Delhi Government has not provided a single rupee as assistance or grant to the three Corporations. It clearly indicates that the Government wants to cripple the Corporations. The Government is fully trying to make the Corporations a failure. Delhi Government is recovering 250 crore rupees as interest from the three Corporations in a year. Even for this Corporations sent many letters to the Government and only after that the fund was released. Had the intentions of Government been good then it could have released sufficient fund and staff to the Corporations so that the people of Delhi could be provided better amenities. The same is the condition of appointment of Officers to conduct the affairs of the three Corporations successfully. Due to the non availability of Officers, works are being affected. The fact about plan fund is manipulation of data because the fund given to the Corporations for urbanised villages, unauthorised colonies, unauthorised regularised colonies etc. is the Constitutional right of the Corporation.

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