Saturday, 7 July 2012



The recent CNG price hike shows the non seriousness of the present Delhi Government about the increased burden on the common man of Delhi. After recent hike in the price petrol, diesel, cooking gas, VAT, service tax, stamp duty, registration duty, grocery, fruits, vegetables etc now the Government did not hesitate increased CNG prices last night. It has severely affected to the 10 lakh owner of CNG vehicles in the present time of price spiral. Auto Rickshaw Association has already started demanding to increase the Auto fare and if the fare is increased this will directly impact on the pocket of common man in entire Delhi. BJP will protest on 14 CNG Stations on 10th July and launch Signature Campaign against CNG price hike in Delhi. 

Addressing the press persons, Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta said that in the last 2 years CNG prices has been increased 7 times by the Government and now it 8th time another bigger hike of Rs. 2.90 per kg has been done by the Delhi Government. Now the CNG prices in Delhi will be at Rs. 38.35 per kg. On the directions of the Supreme Court of India, the uses of green fuel has been started in Delhi to reduce the highly air pollution in the capital. The recent Government report says the pollution in Delhi has declined and the quality of air is improved due to the uses of green fuel in Delhi. It is also important for the health of Asthma, Heart and Lung patients as well as for the common man residing in Delhi. Shri Gupta demanded from the Government of Delhi to immediate roll back increased CNG prices. 

Shri Gupta said instead of increasing green fuel prices, the Government should have reduced the prices so that more and more people should opt this fuel option which is best for our nature as well as human beings living on this earth and policy should have been framed to promote green fuel vehicles in the metropolitan cities which are densely populated but the Government policy has totally failed to promote CNG vehicles. It is surprising that despite the bigger claims by the Government only 256 CNG filling stations to feed 10 lakh CNG vehicles which would have been 1000 in Delhi. The Government has not taken a single step to increase the numbers of CNG gas fuel facility on the present petrol pumps or installation of new CNG filling stations. Everyday CNG vehicle owners wait for hours to take CNG on the filling stations but the Government is not at all concerned with the wastage of time of common man due to the failure of their policies. 

In fact the CNG is most economical and pollution free fuel available for the vehicles. On 1 kg of CNG, vehicle gives average of 15 km. At the cost Rs. 2.50 CNG vehicle covers nearly about 1km distance, petrol vehicle covers the same distance at the cost of about Rs. 7.00 and diesel covers at the cost of about Rs. 4.00 which is more expensive than green fuel. Due to cost consideration of the fuel, people prefer CNG vehicles more than the petrol and diesel vehicles.

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