Friday, 6 July 2012


Today before a Trader’s gathering at Town Hall of Chandni Chowk, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta addressed about 500 representatives of different Trade Associations all over Delhi and issue a warning to Delhi Government that if the amended VAT system is not withdrawn immediately, the traders will be compelled to call for an indefinite strike in Delhi in which about 5 lakh traders of different categories will participate. For this strike Delhi Government will be responsible. 

Shri Gupta further told that BJP remains alloys the front fighter to keep the interest of the traders and the public at large in Delhi and whenever the Traders Association approached BJP, the party stood firmly with them to save their interest and fight against Government whether it is the matter of excise or VAT etc. Now a day Sheila Government is declaring different development programs for the people of Delhi in one side and on the other side every other day trying to squeeze money from their pocket in the name of development. The example for recently are tariff hike electricity, proposed DMRC project, secret price hike proposed for water distribution in the name EPB, increasing luxury tax by 12.36%, present amendment in VAT collection etc. The important point remains that the style of autocratic rule in Delhi is evident because Chief Minister of Delhi neither likes to take up any issue with opposition parties (BJP) nor she consults the Leader of Opposition, nor she is ready to discuss the matter in Assembly. 

Today’s meeting was attending by namely S.Shri Kailash Gupta, Om Prakash Jain, Suresh Jindal, Prem Arora, Shyam Sunder Gupta, Om Kishan Gupta, Sanjeev Bajaj, Satwant Singh, Naresh Aggarwal etc. 

Shri Kailash Gupta who is the Convenor of BJP Traders Cell also addressed the gathering and said that Delhi Government is not sensitive to the basic issues of the people of Delhi. If the traders go on for an indefinite strike on the issue of VAT amendment by Delhi Government, almost 2 crores people of Delhi will suffer and Sheila Dikshit Government will be responsible for it. It is the loss of revenue or the suffering of people. Mistake of VAT amendment is very much destructive because for the reason of smallest blunder a fine of Rs. 50, 000 will be imposed on the trader and in default of payment instead of 5% the penalty as now being increased to 40% which is very much on the higher side. 2% return on VAT deposit through bank is also very much unrealistic because the normal experience of the people about refund of Income Tax is also very cumbersome. The traders demand that this amendment, notification should be withdrawn immediately by Delhi Government.

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