Saturday, 14 July 2012


Demanding CBI enquiry into the conspiracy to stop operation on very important metro line – Delhi Airport Metro Line from 8th July with the connivance of some officers of the Delhi and Central Government and Reliance Company on the ground of some technical defect, BJP has said that the guilty persons should be identified and punished. It may be mentioned that the DMRC has in a serious letter to the Central Urban Development Ministry exposed the evil intentions of Reliance Company in a systematic manner. This way now this case has become very serious and should be a matter of prestige for the Government and hence orders for enquiry should be given immediately with the intervention of the Prime Minister. 

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that the Central Urban Development Ministry had given contract of 30 years for the operation of Metro Line between New Delhi Railway Station to Airport having speed of 130 kms/h 17 Months ago. Reliance Company incurred loss regularly on this Metro Line. The company wanted to get rid of this contract. Hence on the grounds of technical defect and showing apprehension of derailment of coaches due to high speed, it succeeded in stopping the operation on this route indefinitely. 

The DMRC in its letter to the Urban Development Ministry has clearly stated that had the Reliance Company complained about the defect related to the bearings then this technical defect could have been removed and the operations continued. Since the intentions of Reliance Company was not good hence it allowed the defect. The Reliance Company is directly responsible for all these things. 

The DMRC has in its examination found that the technical defect on which the Reliance Company has stopped the operation of Metro Rail is completely false. Metro Officers have to say that in technical examinations it has been found that there was small defect which could have been easily removed. Since the Reliance Company is not interested in the operation of Metro on this route hence it is taking the help of technical defect. If the Reliance Company violated contracts on its own then it would have to pay heavy penalty. The DMRC has written all these matters to the Central Urban Development Ministry. 

Taking this letter to be very serious BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Gupta has said that the prestige of India has suffered a set back in the foreign countries due to the stoppage of the operation of Airport Metro. The Reliance Company and some corrupt officers of the Central Government are directly responsible for it. Hence he has demanded the Prime Minister that the CBI enquiry be held in this case and the guilty persons punished sternly. The letter written by the DMRC to the Central Ministry has made it clear that the Airport Metro Rail Project constructed at the cost of about 1000 crores will resume its operation only in the last week of August, 2012. Now this case will go to the court for resolution.

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