Sunday, 15 July 2012

Workshop for the Councillors


Under the BJP Councillor training campaign a Workshop was organised for all the 35 Councillor of East Delhi Municipal Corporation today. Addressing the inaugural session BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta apprised them about their rights and duties related to the Corporation. 

Shri Gupta also informed the Councillors about the details and legal provisions related to the Corporation and told that they can do great social service through the Corporation because every citizen has some work related to the Corporation. Every citizen expects much from the area Councillor for the civic amenities provided by the Corporation. The Councillor who fulfils the expectations of the people advances in the field of politics in future. It is necessary that every Councillor opens office where anybody ledge complain for suggestion in the Register. It is the responsibility of the Councillor that he inspects the Register every day and tries to solve the problems of the citizen immediately. Every area had some specific problem which should be solved with the help of Officers on priority basis. 

In this training day long programme Organisation General Secretary Shri Vijay Sharma explained about the difference between Organisation and the Government Machinery and advised all the Councillors that they should record highest priority to the Organisation because Organisation is the foundation of Government. All the Councillors should co-operate with all the families of the area and try to solve the problems of the citizens in any condition. The Training in Chief Shri Alok Kumar and Pradesh Co-Incharge Shri Rameshwar Chaurasiya also provided detailed information about the local self Government and local body to the Councillors and expected them to fulfil the expectation of the people.

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