Thursday, 19 July 2012

BJP delegation meets office bearers of the Commission


 Under the leadership of Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta and Delhi BJP Mahila Morcha President Shikha Roy, thousands of women under the banner of Delhi BJP Mahila Morcha staged demonstration for about 3 hours at the office of NCW to protest against atrocities against women in the country and attempt to cover up the Guwahati incident. The demonstrators raised loud slogans against the politicization of NCW by the Congress and demanded its dissolution. Agitated women from all over Delhi continued to raise thunderous slogans for hours-“Mahila Aayog ka Rajnitikaran, Band Karo, Band Karo. Mahila Aayog ko Bhang Karo, Bhang Karo etc.”Women Councillors of the BJP participated in the demonstration in large numbers. 

During the demonstration a delegation of senior leaders met the Chairperson of NCW Mamta Sharma and other members. This delegation included S.Shri Vijender Gupta, Smriti Irani, Arti Mehra, MP Darshna, Anita Arya, Shikha Roy etc. BJP Delegation expressed grave disappointment and surprise over the fact that the Women Commission has sympathy for Alka Lamba even today who told the name of the victim girl student to the media and made her future dark. The Chairperson of Women Commission and its members could not give satisfactory answer to the questions of BJP delegation. It is in vain to expect justice from them. 

Addressing the demonstrators Shri Vijender Gupta told that the crime against women has increased in the entire country during the tenure of present UPA Government. Women are not safe in the country including Delhi. Discrimination against them is also increasing. The Chairperson of NCW Mamta Sharma has stated in public programmes that girls and women should not eschew from the word “Sexy”. The question is that in which direction the commissions formed by the Congress Government are taking the country. The Chief Minister of Delhi has said that the number of Wine Shops in the capital are less hence there should be Wine Shops in every lane and Mohallas of Delhi. 

Mahila Morcha National President Smt. Smriti Irani told that the way in which attempt was made to de robe a girl student and molest her publicly in Guwahati, one cannot find any comparison anywhere in the world. It is surprising that the conduct of NCW towards this crime was insensitive and attempt to cover up. A Congress worker was deliberately including in the team who made the name of the victim student public deliberately in Delhi. What can be more irresponsible behaviour than this? It is in vain to expect anything from this Commission. 

National Secretary Aarti Mehra told that there is great acrimony among the women of the country because of the Guwahati incident. Even in Delhi the women are not safe. This is the Manmohan Singh rule. Mahila Morcha Pradesh President Shikha Roy told that it is unfortunate that there is a woman Chief Minister in Delhi for the last 14 years but 23 percent crime of the country are committed only in Delhi. Delhi is known as the rape capital of the country. The capital of India has become the most unsafe and crime prone capital during the Sheila rule. Now it is the sacred duty of every Delhite to dislodge this Government. Mrs. Darshana, Anita Arya, Pawan Sharma and other leaders also addressed the demonstrators.

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