Saturday, 28 July 2012

Inauguration of under-pass between Badli Industrial Area & Samaypur Badli

 All the three Corporations committed to expeditious service of the people – Jagat Prakash Nadha

Inaugurating Railway under-pass between Badli Industrial Area and Samaypur Badli today, BJP National General Secretary Shri Jagat Prakash Nadha told the people present on this occasion that BJP’s three Municipal Corporations are committed to the service of the people of Delhi. The hope and trust with which the people have given the reigns of power to the BJP in three Municipal Cororations, the Party will certainly fulfill it. He told that the days of Congress are no more. Congress Government has become a burden for the people and they are ready to throw out this burden. Shri Vijay Prakash Pandey presided over the function.
On this occasion, Shri Gupta told that traffic jam in Delhi is the greatest problem, Delhi Government is not concerned at all about solving this problem. Due to this thousands of hours, thousands of litres of petrol, diesel, CNG are wasted. Many people become victim of mental diseases due to the harassment in jam. When this is the position of the capital of India then one can easily imagine the situation in other States of the country.

It may be mentioned that due to lack of under-pass at crossing No. 9 of the Delhi-Ambala Railway route there is jam every day on this point. As a result not only time is wasted but also fuel is wasted and the neighboring areas are polluted. The people of the area were demanding that a railway under-pass should be constructed here. The Municipal Corporation of Delhi spent about 25 crore rupees and constructed 5.5 meter wide under-pass. This connects Badli Industrial area with Samaypur Badli. The people of the area are very happy with the construction of this under-pass.

The Railway under-pass between Badli village and GT Road Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar has been opened to the public. It was inaugurated by Shri Vijender Gupta on the 14th July. Now the traffic coming from Badli village, GT Road & Rohini do not face traffic jam. The NDMC has given relief to the public from traffic jam by constructing four under-passes. These under-passes have cut the distance between two points.

The Chairman of the Standing Committee of NDMC Shri Yogender Chandoliya, Legislators Bhagwan Dass Aggarwal & Devender Yadav, Councillors V.P. Pandey, Rekha Gupta, Mamta Rathore, Neelam Budhiraja and many senior workers and local citizens were present in the inauguration ceremony of the under-pass. There are 31 points in the capital where traffic jam for hours at Railway crossings is a problem. Under-pass & over bridges had to be constructed on all the places. MCD has been assigned the work of 17 bridges out of 31.

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