Sunday, 29 July 2012

BJP Pradesh President addresses a big public meeting of RWAs in Rajouri Garden


Addressing a big public meeting of RWAs in Rajouri Garden today, BJP Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that the way in which the Government has put the burden of steep hike in power tariff on the people of Delhi indicates heavy corruption in this case. He has demanded CAG audit in this case. 

It may be mentioned that BJP has launched a decisive battle against the anti people decisions of the Congress Government of Delhi. In continuation with it a big conference of representatives of about 7000 RWAs of the capital has been organised in Talkatora Stadium on the 4th August. The RWAs of Delhi are very much willing to participate in this conference. They are ready to fight with BJP against the decision of the Government to increase water/power tariff with BJP. Shri Gupta told that many RWAs of Delhi are in contact with BJP office and have indicated their resolution to dislodge the Congress Government. 

Shri Gupta told that in democracy the Government elected by the people has no right to take anti people decisions. The Government which does so has no right to remain in power even for a day. The people of Delhi have made up their mind to dislodge the anti people and despotic Congress Government in the next Assembly election. 

The burden of increased power tariff put by the Government and DERC has broken the back of the people. The increased power tariff has been implemented from 1st July, 2012 but the bills served to the people on 20th July have shocked the people of Delhi. These bills show about 90 percent hike in power tariff whereas only 20 days have passed since the tariff was increased. The consumers who received bills for about 2000 rupees are being sent bills of 5000 rupees. It is also surprising that when the consumers out of his house for about a month or two will also have to pay a minimum of about Rs. 1000 to the power companies. 

BJP Pradesh President told that after privatisation of power now the Congress Government wants to privatise water supply in Delhi. Hence fast reading meters of water are being installed in the houses of the people. The employees of Jal Board are also threatening that if they will not replace their meter than their supply will be disconnected and will also have to pay heavy penalty. If water supply is privatised in Delhi then the people will not get drinking water because the intentions of Government on the supply of water is not good, it wants to increase the rate of supply by 20 to 30 times. Chief Minister has already announced that water supply will be privatised within next two years in Delhi. After privatisation, the people will get portable water only. In the public meeting today S.Shri Subhash Arya, Rajiv Babbar, Hartirath Singh, Sunil Babbar, Sandeep Arya, Pratap Sehgal, Subhash Suri, Manjeet Singh, P.K. Pathak were present.

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