Saturday, 28 July 2012

Delhi Government responsible for the accidents of vehicles transporting school children

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that due to gross negligence & indifferent attitude of Delhi Government, lives of lakhs of school children of Delhi are always in danger. Yesterday an innocent child has to lose life due to the negligence of a cab driver. Every year such incidents occure and the Government does not take steps to prevent it. The schools are also not taking responsibility in these cases. The main reason is that the Government is shirking its responsibility. 

In Delhi, lakhs of children of Government and private schools go to their schools endangering their lives every day. After sending the children to the schools parents remain worried for the whole day because they are apprehensive about the return of their children safely. Neither the Government nor the private schools have sufficient number of buses. The management of private schools are running the schools as a business. They admit more children in their schools every year for the greed of money violating the standards in this regard. 

Neither the private schools nor the Government take the responsibility of transporting the children from schools to their houses. They do not have sufficient number of buses for this purpose. The parents have no option but to send their childrens by taxis, autos, cycle rickshaw, scooters, motor cycles etc. Transport system in Delhi is fully chaotic. Every year dozens of children are killed in accidents. In view of the pathetic condition of school children the Supreme Court had issued some guidelines for transporting the school children in buses, taxis etc. Parents have to say that these standards are not followed and the children suffered. 

Shri Gupta has demanded that in cases of vehicles meeting accidents, the parents should be sufficiently compensated and responsibility for the accident be fixed so that the guilty persons may be punished and the persons involved may be afraid of legal law.

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