Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Pradesh President writes letter to the CM

Chief Minister should provide sufficient financial assistance, officers & staff to the three Corporations for the development of Delhi – Vijender Gupta 

In a letter written to the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded that she should take serious steps to provide sufficient financial assistance, officers, staff, jurisdiction etc. immediately to the newly constituted three Corporations so that these Corporations may discharge their responsibilities independently. 

He has written to the Chief Minister that on the 17th July, 2012 three months have been completed since the constitution of three Municipal Corporations. Even after three months these Corporations are facing serious problems of finance, shortage of officers & staff, jurisdiction and resources. The object for which the three Corporations were created have not been achieved. The hopes of the people of Delhi are not being fulfilled even after the formation of these Corporations because the Govt. has provided only 20% of the amount of loan of Rs. 1231 crores to the NDMC and EDMC which is insufficient. 

There are only 9 officers in the three Corporations who are supervising the work of many departments. There is heavy work load on them and they are responsible for planning and implementation of law. Hence they are unable to discharge their responsibilities and due to which the people are suffering. There is also shortage of equipments and machinery in the three Corporations because they are facing financial problems. There is also shortage of 150 junior engineers in the Corporations as a result of which the development work is being affected. There is also shortage of drivers and clerks. The fund of the Councilors has been reduced to 25 lakh rupees due to which all the councilors are complaining because they are not able to complete the development work in their areas due to scarcity of fund. 

After the trifurcation of the MCD, the newly created corporations are feeling additional economic burden which should be shared by Delhi Govt. immediately otherwise the development work to be completed by the corporations will remain incomplete. The MCD has been divided but sufficient technical and other staff, officers and fund are required to create atmosphere worth working. Shri Gupta has asked Mrs. Sheila Dikshit that since she is the Chief Minister of Delhi hence her responsibility is the greatest and hence she should accord highest priority to improve the financial condition of the corporations and removing other shortcomings and help the corporations to work independently. She should provide sufficient fund, work place, staff etc. to solve these problems so that the three corporations may serve the people of Delhi satisfactorily.

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