Saturday, 20 October 2012


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that Government has committed a big bungling in the name of providing cheap flour to the people of Delhi. Wheat was taken from Central Government at cheap rates but it was not supplied to the people. Bungling of crores of rupees has been committed in this scheme. He has demanded the Lt. Governor of Delhi to order CBI investigation. 

Shri Gupta was addressing the people after laying the foundation of a school building to be constructed by the Municipal Corporation in Sonia Vihar today. He told that the Chief Minister had inaugurated a scheme for providing cheap flour to the people of Delhi with great fanfare sometimes ago. Under this scheme a bag of 10kg flour was to be supplied at the rate of Rs. 144.50. Delhi Government had announced for starting the sale of cheap flour at 400 places in Delhi. 

This flour is not being supplied anywhere. Delhi Government got wheat from Central Government at the rate of Rs. 12.70 per kg in the name of selling cheap flour. But the flour was not sold anywhere although, Delhi Government received lakhs of ton of wheat from the Central Government. Shri Gupta has raised a question to the Chief Minister that when flour is not being sold then where are those lakhs of tons of wheat? Has any bungling been committed in this scheme? Chief Minister should reply. Crores of rupees were spent on the advertisement of this scheme, who is accountable and responsible for it? Similarly, the Government had started a scheme for the sale of cheap pulses sometimes ago but cheap pulses were not provided in Delhi nor it is available at present. 

Sonia Vihar School will be constructed at the cost of Rs. 6.21 crores. More than 50 rooms shall be constructed in this school. With the construction of this school, children of lakhs of people living in the neighbourhood shall be getting education near their houses. On the occasion of laying the foundation of the school former Deputy Mayor of MCD Usha Shashtri, Councillor Sushma Sharma, Sunil Jha and many other BJP leaders, workers and local citizens were present.

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