Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Criminal case will be filed for not implementing the orders of Brajendra Singh to cut power tariff


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that BJP will reduce power tariff in Delhi when it will come to power. The party had expressed its apprehension from the day of privatisation against the evil consequences of privatisation of power that the Congress Government will exploit the people in the garb of privatisation. This thing has openly come before us, when Delhi Government, Members of the DERC, Chief Minister and Officers did not allow the orders of the then Chairman of DERC Brajendra Singh to decrease power tariff to be implement. BJP will lodge criminal case against this conspiracy. BJP has been opposing every anti people decision of the Government and will continue to do so in future also. The party will continue to fight till the power tariff is decreased.

Giving this information to the press persons, Shri Gupta told that Delhi Government, Chief Minister of Delhi and the DERC are hand in glove with the power companies. Due to this, the very justification of DERC is in question. The Government and DERC are engaged in looting 2 crore people of Delhi through inflated power bills. BJP is fighting from the streets to the Legislative Assembly and Parliament on the issue of power. Now, show making is going on in this case. People depart after the show and the innocent people are facing FIR. Finally the people will have to face the consequences.

BJP has been with the people on the issues of privatisation of power-water, back breaking price rise, FDI, corruption in Government, scams, CWG bungling, land scam, provisional certificate bungling, education scam, health scam, oil scam, hike in the price of cooking gas, diesel, petrol, CNG etc. Now, some people are questioning the BJP that what the party has done for the people? This is only to gain cheap popularity. The people who are accusing should tell what they have done for Lokpal Bill, FDI, Privatisation in water and power? BJP has been fighting on the issues and the show makers remained in the background. 

BJP had submitted a Memorandum to the former President of India with the signatures of about 20 lakh people of Delhi on the issue of price rise, issue of water and power tariff. It also opposed bailout package of 500 crore rupees and sent a protest letter on bailout package to the Home Minister P. Chidambaram on 9th January, 2010. When the then Chairman of DERC was likely to pass orders to reduce power tariffs by 23 percent on 5th May, 2010 and only one day before that Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit who was also the Energy Minister had written to the DERC against decreasing power tariff, at that time the BJP had initiated movement against the conspiracy of Chief Minister. Where were these people at that time? 

The DERC had after the audit of the accounts of power supply companies found that the Companies had recovered Rs.3577 crores extra from the people. Due to this the DERC had passed orders to cut power tariffs by 23 percent. The Government did not allow this order to be implemented. All the three power companies, DERC Members, Chief Minister and top officers of the Government conspired to deny relief to the people. At that time the Chairman of DERC Brajendra Singh had found that in the northern area of India there has been decrease in the price of power by the electric generation companies from the year 2008 to 2012 because additional power was being produced. It would be relevant here to mention that there was long term agreement between the power distribution companies and the Government companies to the effect that for the next 35 to 40 years, the power tariff should be Rs. 2 per unit on an average. The supply companies are getting power at this rate even today. The discoms are free to purchase power from open market in the case of extra demand. In view of the decrease in the price of power the DERC Chairman Brajendra Singh had passed orders to decrease power tariff by 23 percent. 

In the year 2008-09, power supplied at the rate of Rs. 7.29 per unit, came down to Rs. 5.35 per unit in 2009-10, Rs. 3.49 per unit in year 2010-11, Rs. 3.27 per unit in 2011-12 and Rs. 3.25 per unit in 2012-13. In this situation two times hike in power tariff is the result of conspiracy between the Government and power supply companies. Power tariff should actually be decreased in place of being increased. On 15th June, 2010, BJP had submitted a Memorandum to the LG Shri Tejender Khanna with all the facts to the effect that Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit did not allow power tariff to be decreased under a conspiracy.

It would not be irrelevant to mention that the case of denial of decrease in power tariff by the CM and Delhi Government is now with the High Court. Here after listening to all the parties, the hon’ble High Court had sought the opinion of A.G. whether any state Government can prevent any regulatory commission from issuing orders on power tariff. The AG informed the court in writing that DERC is a quasi judicial body. No Government can issue orders or direction to it. The Delhi Government had wrongly issued orders to stop tariff cut by 23 percent. The court had reprimanded the Government for it.

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