Saturday, 27 October 2012

Public Awareness Campaign to oppose FDI from 26th Oct to 4th Nov in Delhi


New Delhi, 27th Oct. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has asked the Government to answer what is the hurry to bring FDI in the country? Why the Government is avoiding discussing this issue in Parliament and taking the consent of all the parties for which the entire country is concerned. The Government has itself promised that it will discuss on this issue in Parliament and take decision after consensus. India is the third largest country in the world in which four crore people are directly employed in retail trade. If the network of retail trade in FDI spreads the entire country then 10 crore people shall be rendered unemployed. BJP has initiated public awareness campaign in entire Delhi from 26th October to 4th November to oppose FDI. After that the movement will be made more intense. Protest demonstrations and public meetings will be held on the 28th October in Shahdara, Central Rohini, on 29th at Azad Nagar, 30th in Safdarjung Enclave, 31st at Patparganj, 1St November at Dabri, 3rd November at Deoli. 

BJP Pradesh President announced that public meetings, demonstrations, dharna, effigy burning and prabhat pheries shall be organised to protest against FDI at 14 prominent places of Delhi i.e. Jwala Hedi Market Paschim Vihar, Ashok Nagar Chowk Welcome Metro, Azmal Khan Road, Main Road Govindpuri, Green Park Market, Uttam Nagar Terminal, Kamla Nagar Main Market, Kingsway Camp Chowk, Palam Main Road, Madhuban Chowk Vikas Marg, Bharti Ki Pulia New Ashok Nagar, Avantika Chowk, Tilak Nagar Market on 4th November. The way, in which Chief Minister has supported FDI, it appears that there is connivance between Delhi Government and the foreign companies. Hence, Delhi Government is welcoming FDI first of all in the capital of India. Here, 10 lakh people shall be rendered unemployed after the retail trade in FDI starts in Delhi. Government is neither concerned with the trade, industry in the capital, now the common man. 

He further told that BJP is opposing FDI only to save the country. The previous record of the foreign companies has not been good. These companies worked in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Denmark, Brazil etc. countries and caused severe unemployment. The greatest pressure on Prime Minister for FDI is from USA. But there is no permission for company like Wall Mart to open its store in New York. 

Government has allowed FDI suddenly in this country only to cover up its failures, management, bad policies, economic chaos and scams of thousands of crores. Before allowing FDI, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had met the CEO of Wall Mart. People want to know from the Prime Minister that what agreement has been made between him and the Wall Mart that he allowed FDI in retail trade suddenly on 14th September without the permission of Parliament. 

At present the share of organised trade in India is only 4 percent. The rest 96 percent is in unorganised sector which is working for the last hundred years. In contrast organised trade in USA is 85 percent, France and Germany is 80 percent, Japan 60 percent, Malaysia 55 percent, Brazil 36 percent and Russia 36 percent. Small shopkeepers, rehdi-patri shopkeepers, hawkers, vegetable, meet-fish vendors are in crores working in retail trade and earning their livelihood. If foreign companies come in India then the traditional unorganised trade will be completely ruined. 

The population of Mexico is 11.2 crores. Here FDI was allowed in 1994. Now, 50 percent retail traders have been rendered unemployed. In Mexico 12.5 lakh farmers have deserted farming. They are migrating to other countries illegally because of unemployment. Agricultural land and urban land shall be used by Wall Mart, Tresco, Metro, Carfur etc. companies for their showrooms and stores. These companies require at least 17,000 sqm. to 40,000 sqm. of land for opening their showroom. In USA, Canada, France, Germany etc. countries showrooms of such companies have been closed due to the opposition of public. They are now ghost houses. Shri Gupta has warned the Government that there is still time for the Government to take precautionary measures otherwise it will lose power. Traders Cell Convenor Kailash Gupta and Pradesh Spokesperson Dr. Sambit Patra also participated in the Press Conference today.

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