Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Strong protests against FDI organised at Andrews Ganj & Shahbad Dairy

New Delhi, 31st October. On the 6th day of movement against FDI by the BJP thousands of BJP workers together with local traders and citizens staged strong demonstration at Andrews Ganj and Shahbad Dairy today. People raised slogans against the Government and burnt effigy of FDI. Addressing the people present on this occasion, BJP General Secretary & Legislator Shri Ramesh Bidhuri told that the Congress Government has been fully exposed because the recent reshuffle in the cabinet indicates that Manmohan Government is acting on the directions of foreign countries. This Government has made agreement with the foreign countries to mortgage the economy of country. 

Addressing a big demonstration & public meeting at Andrews Ganj, Pradesh Vice President Smt. Vishakha Shailani told that now the time has come when the people of Delhi should unite and dislodge the corrupt and anti people Government. She cautioned the people that if they do not awaken now then it will be too late and the Congress Government working against the interest of the nation will once again hand over the resources of the country to foreign companies. It will lead to severe unemployment and the country will become economically slave. The foreign companies shall take away priceless wealth of India and this country will become victim of unemployment, scarcity and poverty. The programme was presided over by Shri Virender Gupta. Shri S.M. Akram and Ashok Wadhwa were also present on this occasion. 

In another protest demonstration at Shahbad Dairy against FDI, the Chairman of NDMC Standing Committee, Shri Yogender Chandoliya told that the way in which Delhi Government is welcoming FDI indicates that Delhi Government hatched a conspiracy to mortgage the future of 2 crore people of Delhi with the foreign companies. We should not allow this conspiracy to succeed and should not allow FDI in Delhi. 

Former Pradesh President Shri Mange Ram Garg told that the traditional trade system continues for the last thousands of years in India. The facility provided by the traders in every lane & mohalla will be completely finished after FDI is allowed. People will have to purchase goods at the rate fixed by the foreign companies in cash. The Indian traders also allow credit to the people. This will come to an end and the poor people will face great difficulties. 

Legislator Shri Kulwant Rana told in strong words that BJP will oppose FDI in Delhi and the country with full force because if FDI is allowed then the social and economic system of India and Delhi will be finished. There will be anarchy of the country. Lakhs of young people will be rendered unemployed. This programme was presided over by Shri Ved Prakash (Satish).

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