Friday, 26 October 2012



 New Delhi, 26th October.  In a big public meeting against FDI at Bakoli today, BJP cautioned the people of Delhi that if FDI is allowed in Delhi and the country then the traditional trader-consumer culture will be finished forever. Country will face such massive unemployment that the social fabric will be completely destroyed and country will become a new kind of slave. On this occasion, effigy of FDI and Congress Government was burnt under the leadership BJP Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta.  At the public meeting people were raising slogans “FDI wapas jao-Congress Sarkar hos men aao”.  Today was the 13th day of public movement.  At various place in Delhi BJP workers lodged strong protest and public meetings against FDI and for reduction in electricity tariff.

Addressing the people present on this occasion, Shri Gupta said that the foreign companies see 120 crore people of India as a potential consumer market. Hence, they are restive to loot wealth of India and bring in their country. At present there is economic slowdown and unemployment in entire Europe. These countries want that their companies should go an invest in India so that they may be able to grab the natural resources, wealth, trade industry and agriculture India may become their slave. He told that the multinational Wall Mart Company has paid bribe of Rs. 54 crores to the bureaucrats and policy framers to open mega stores in India. The foreign companies are not coming to India for the betterment of our country. They are coming here only for their trade and earning profit. If these companies come to India then 20 crore people dependent on trade and industry shall be rendered unemployed.
Shri Gupta told that if FDI is allowed in retail trade then there will be unchallenged umpire of the foreign companies. More than 10 lakh people shall be rendered unemployed only in Delhi. Capital is the commercial hub of India. Allowing FDI will be like putting noose around one's neck. Intoxicated with power, Delhi Government is going to welcome the foreign companies. They do not know that once the foreign companies come here, they shall destroy the 100 years commercial history of Delhi. The pride of Delhi will be finished for ever.

He further told that the Government presents ridiculous data of prosperity and poverty. According to the Government a person earning 3860 rupees in urban areas is not poor. Government is of the opinion that if a person spends Rs. 23.02 on pulses, Rs. 5.50 on cereals, Rs. 2.33 on milk, Rs. 1.55 on oil, Rs. 1.95 on vegetables, 44 paise on fruits, 70 paise on sugar, 78 paise on salt and spices, Rs. 1.51 on other food grains and 3.75 paise on fuel then he is not a poor person. Government is of the view that one can get house on rent for Rs. 200 in urban areas. Hence a person spending Rs. 965 per month is not a poor person.
Shri Gupta has raised a question to Delhi Government that nobody can sit even on the footpath for Rs. 200 because the Government recovers Rs. 30 to 50 from the people occupying footpath. The Chief Minister should also tell which house can be taken on rent in Delhi for Rs. 200 per month? Even a person living in Jhuggi has to pay Rs. 1500 as rent here. He got the people to resolve that they should adopt the way of do or die and never allow the foreign companies to touch Indian soil.  S/Shri Raemsh Chauhan, Kailash Gupta, Rajesh Yadav, Ravinder Sharma, Vedpal Man, Shakti Singh Chauthan were present on this occasion.

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