Thursday, 8 December 2011

BJP rejects the enhanced tax proposals by Municipal Commissioner


Strongly opposing the implementation of agenda of the Congress by imposing taxes on the people of Delhi by the Delhi Municipal Commissioner, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has directed the Chairman of the Standing Committee Shri Yogendra Chandolia that he should call a meeting of the Standing Committee tomorrow and immediately reject the imposition of new taxes and other economic burdens by the Commissioner. Addressing to press persons he said that the BJP ruled MCD during the last 4 years have successfully increased revenue collection from rupees 3000 to 7000 crores without imposing any new taxes. He said that the BJP is not in favour of imposing any kind of new taxes during these times of price spiral on the people of Delhi.

            Shri Gupta was addressing the press persons alongwith the Chairman of Standing Committee Shri Yogendra Chandolia in the Press Conference at Delhi BJP Office. Shri Gupta told that the proposal of new taxes by the Commissioner is the result of connivance between Congress and the bureaucracy. Shri Gupta directed the Chairman of Standing Committee that the entire list of the proposed taxes be rejected immediately because BJP is clearly of the view that the revenue from the present sources is sufficient to meet the expenditure and there is no need to impose new taxes on the people. He alleged that the Congress Party plans to recover the increased expenditure resulting from the trifurcation of MCD from the people of Delhi but BJP will not allow this Congress Government’s conspiracy to succeed.

He further told that proposed new taxes for the year Estimate for the year 2012-13 presented by the Municipal Commissioner of Delhi, before the Standing Committee, has been prepared under the pressure of Delhi Government because BJP’s of the view that the taxes prevailing in the year 2007-08 will neither be increased nor new taxes imposed. In proposing increase in the property tax, parking fees, one time parking charges and imposing congestion and sanitation charges by the MCD Commissioner, neither the ground reality has been taken into consideration nor any survey by the expert committee has been done nor the views of the deliberative wing of the MCD has been taken. This proves the Commissioner has acted in an arbitrary way and imposed despotic decision of the Congress Government on the people of Delhi.  
Imposition of one time parking charges on the vehicle owners is double burden because on the one hand the Central Government is taking steps to fuel price spiral under foreign pressure in which the hike in petrol price is also an element. Besides this the price of vehicles is also increasing. Due to which the middle class of Delhi, which forms 70 percent of Delhi is under great pressure. Even earlier the commissioner had proposed professional tax in Delhi which was rejected by the BJP. The same will happen to sanitation charge and congestion charge. Pradesh President told that the proposed three time increase in the taxes is unreasonable because it is the duty of the MCD to provide maximum facilities to the people of Delhi in their areas and not to make new plans for extra source of income.

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