Monday, 26 December 2011

Government does not want to regularise unauthorised colonies

Congress Government is playing the game of snakes & ladders with 50 lakh residents of unauthorised colonies of Delhi

Strongly condemning the latest statement about the regularision the unauthorised colonies of Delhi, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that the Government is playing game of politics with 50 lakh people of unauthorised colonies.  The intention of Delhi Government is not to provide safe and legally acceptable life to 50 lakh people of these colonies.  This is the reason why even after issuing provisional certificates, Delhi Government is not regularising these colonies. 

            Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has said that since the MCD reports about the status of the unauthorised colonies of Delhi hence the Delhi Government is not able to regularise these colonies.  Shri Gupta told that the Chief Minister is misleading the people of Delhi because in the year 2009 itself MCD had informed Delhi Government that the Government had sent a list of colonies to the MCD for ascertaining their legal position.  Out of these 125 colonies were not fulfilling the requirements fixed by the Government.  Inspite of this Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit distributed provisional certificates through Mrs. Sonia Gandhi to these 125 colonies and committed bungling of thousands of crores.  Had the intentions of Delhi Government been clear then it could have taken legal action against 125 fictitious colonies in 2009.  Since the people who obtained provisional certificates by filing affidavits to the Delhi Government about these fictitious colonies, were in criminal connivance with the Government hence the Chief Minister inspite of knowing all these things did not take any action for two years against these land mafias who committed bungling of thousands of crores and gave them opportunity to destroy the proof and remove the papers so that no legal action may be taken against them. 

            Pradesh President told that on the one hand Delhi Government wants to keep the sword of sealing and demolition hanging on 50 lakh people of unauthorized colonies and on the other hand the Central Urban Development Minister by saying that the Master Plan 2021 is useless for Delhi, is talking about framing new Master Plan for Delhi within three years.  Due to this the two crore people of Delhi are in a fix.  The housing, industrial, commercial problems of Delhi will become more complicated due to it.

            Delhi BJP has demanded the Central and Delhi Governments that without losing any time the Government should start the process of approving reulagirsation of all the unauthorised colonies which fulfil the requirements fixed by Government.  If this is not done then the statements of Delhi and Central Governments will prove to be false in which the Congress Government has said that by the year 2015 Delhi will become a slum free and planned city.

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