Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Pradesh President writes letter to Kamal Nath

Central government should provide a permanent solution of Delhi Special Laws-Vijender Gupta

In a letter written to the Central Urban Development Minister, the BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has apprised him about the ground realities of Delhi and said that by issuing orders for stay on sealing and demolition till the year 2013, he has kept the sword of uncertainty and fear hanging on the heads of lakhs of people of Delhi.  This is not permanent solution of the problem of Delhi rather aggravating it.  It would be better that in view of the ground should frame a practical Master Plan within a short period in which all the people, rich and poor may be accommodated.

            In his letter to the Urban Development Minister Shri Gupta has presented the necked realities of Delhi and demanded for appropriate and practical solution of this problem.  The main points raised by Delhi Pradesh President in his letter and following.

*          After the UPA came to power, the Central Urban Development Minister and DDA has announced that every year two lakh houses will be constructed in Delhi.  This was the DDA’s commitment to provide the people of Delhi 15 lakh houses during 7.5 years of UPA rule.  The question is why this promise was not fulfilled ?

*          According to a survey of Central Urban Development Minister and Delhi government only 23% area of the capital is planned and rest 77% is unplanned.  Is not your Ministry, DDA and Delhi governments responsible for this chaotic condition ?  On the occasion of last Assembly elections in October, 2008 the Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit has distributed provisional certificates to the RWAs of unauthorized colonies of Delhi through the Congress President Sonia Gandhi with the promise that all the unauthorized colonies will be regularized within a year and all the basic amenities provided in them.  About 50 lakh people live in these colonies.  Three years have passed, but not a single unauthorized colony has been regularized nor the facilities of sewer, pipe line, roads, pucca lanes, drains, hospitals etc. have been provided.

*          The Central Government and Delhi Government had promised to the 31 lakh J.J. dwellers of Delhi on the occasion of last elections that pucca flats will be provided to them in place of J.J. clusters at cheap rates in installments.  Even after three years not a single cheap flat has been provided to the J.J. and slum dwellers.

*          In the year 2007 the Congress Government of Delhi had started demolition and sealing on large scale.  Due to this there was an atmosphere of fear and terror in entire Delhi.  When the BJP strongly opposed sealing and demolition then the Government framed Delhi Special Laws and stayed sealing and demolition for one year.  This stay was extended year to year.  Now the Central Urban Development Ministry had stayed sealing and demolition for another three years on the condition that a practical Master Plan for Delhi will be framed within three years and there will be no sealing and demolition in the mean time.  Due to this order of the Ministry, the sword of sealing and demolition continues to hang on the heads of the people of Delhi.

*          During the tenure of NDA Government under the leadership of Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee, the Government in view of the difficulties faced by the people of capital and the country had framed a comprehensive vendors policy for entire country including Delhi.  Under it the people engaged in Tehbazari, Patri business, weakly Bazar, unplanned and unorganized daily wages were given license to work on the place they were working.  This vending policy was put under cold storage by the UPA Government.  Due to this there is danger that lakhs of self-employed people of Delhi may lose their employment.

*          There is provision for Lal Dora area for 375 villages of Delhi for the last 108 years whereas the population of these villages have increased five fold.  This Lal Dora area should be extended appropriately in view of the ground realities so that the increased population of the villages do not face sealing and demolition.

*          More than 10 lakh people are living in Katras and rehabilitation colonies of Delhi without any ownership rights since years. The condition of these colonies and katras are so bad that any untoward incident may happen at any time.  Your Government may provide freehold rights to the persons living in these Katras and rehabilitation colonies under the new Master Plan.

            BJP wants that about two crore people of Delhi should lead a happy and safe life.  For this it is necessary that in view of large number of population and difficult conditions of Delhi a Special Law should be framed for Delhi which may accommodate all the sections of the people. 

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