Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Land scam of thousands of crores by issuing provisional certificates to fictitious colonies

Government silent on truth of bogus colonies since 2 years, BJP to demand L.G. for high level enquiry

BJP Delhi Pradesh has accused Delhi Government of committing land scam of thousands of crores in the capital with the connivance of land mafia and said that in the year 2009, MCD had given a list of 125 fictitious colonies to Delhi Government which were issued provisional certificates by the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit through Congress President Sonia Gandhi.  A BJP delegation will meet the Lt. Governor demanding high level enquiry into this largest land scam.  This land scam of Delhi will be the largest land scam of the country after independence.

            BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that out of these 125 fictitious colonies, Delhi Government did not find 74 colonies eligible for regularization only after two years.  He further said if high level enquiry is conducted fairly more bogus colonies will come under light.  MCD has sent sufficient evidence in 2009 for the prosecution of those persons submitted false documents for getting a provisional certificates for the colonies but knowingly all the facts about this scam Delhi government intentionally did not registered single FIR nor arrested any one because Congress party leaders were involved in this scam.

            Shri Gupta has asked the Chief Minister that when two years ago the MCD found that 125 colonies are fictitious and informed the Delhi Government in 2009 to take legal action against false RWAs, but the Government continued to sit upon it because high profile leaders of Congress Party were involved in it?  After the submission of affidavits by the Association of fictitious colonies why the Government did not take any action for the last two years?  Delhi Government should have reported the matter to the Police against the land mafias who had submitted affidavits and should not have given opportunity to destroy the proofs.  These people have destroyed the proofs during the last two years and were planning to commit land scam openly.  Shri Gupta has demanded that Delhi Government should reveal the names of these land mafias and leaders connected with the ruling party before the public.

            It is obvious that the Government is in criminal connivance with those people who have submitted forged papers of these colonies.  The price of land in these colonies is thousands of crores.  Such large land scam has not been committed in any city of India till date.  The Government had to exposed the case of these 74 forged colonies, when the BJP expose the cases of Ganga Vihar, Shakti Vihar, Taimur Nagar Extension, Kotla Mahigram Extension, Abu Fazal Part-II, Radha Kishan Vihar etc. fictitious colonies.  The Lokayukta of Delhi has also started enquiry into this bungling at his own level.  Justice Manmohan Sareen has issued notices to Delhi Government and asked to show the grounds on which provisional certificates were granted to these fictitious colonies.

            Shri Vijender Gupta has said that for securing votes at the time of last elections, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit had distributed provisional certificates through Sonia Gandhi to thousands of unauthorized colonies without seeing that these colonies fulfill the eligibility criteria.  She had also made false announcements that poor people of Delhi will be provided pucca houses.  Now in view of MCD elections, Delhi Government is again making false announcements.  Government has promised that by the year 2015, Delhi will be made free from slums.  Announcements have also been made that slum dwellers will be allotted cheap flats and unauthorized colonies will be regularized whereas the Delhi Government has no road map ready for making Delhi free from slums, regularizing the unauthorized colonies and providing flats to the J.J. dwellers.

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