Friday, 9 December 2011

Vijender Gupta said the policy of BJP is to serve the people and not to exploit them


On the directions of BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta an urgent meeting of the MCD Standing Committee was convened in which the proposed additional taxes of taxes of hundreds of crore presented on 7th December, 2011 by the Municipal Commissioner at the behest of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit was rejected. In this meeting, Shri Gupta strongly stated that it has been the policy of the BJP that it will not impose any kind of additional taxes on the people of Delhi.

BJP is confident that if taxes are recovered properly from the present sources of revenue then all the necessary expenditures of the corporation may easily be met. It may be mentioned that during the last four years the revenue of MCD has increased from 3000 crores to rupees 7000 crores without imposing any new tax. It has been the policy of BJP that without imposing taxes, all the amenities be provided to the people. The party has shown that it can do.

Rejecting the unjustified taxes on the people of Delhi in the meeting of Standing Committee on the directions of the party, it was alleged that the Chief Minister is treating MCD in step motherly way. Pradesh President told that under constitutional powers Delhi Government has to pay 700 crore arrears in the Education Head to the MCD.

Delhi Government did not transfer this amount deliberately, so that the financial condition of MCD may become weak. In the states where BJP is the ruling party, it has changed the corporations into a better service organization. BJP knows that the people are already suffering from Congress sponsored price spiral and corruption. Hence, it is not in favour of any additional taxes.

In his address, Pradesh President told that by implementing the recommendations of 6th pay commission, the corporation had to bear the burden of additional expenditure of about 3000 crores out of the present resources. About 1 lakh employees benefited from it. Due to this additional expenditure of 1100 crores annually increased on the Corporation. Yet, BJP has decided that it will not put the burden of increased pay and allowances to the employees of the Corporation on the 170 lakh people of Delhi. All the expenditures may be met if the present revenue resources are properly utilized.
The Municipal Commissioner had proposed taxes of hundreds of crores in the form of congestion charges and sanitation charges deliberately at the instance of Congress government. BJP opposed it from the very beginning and in view of its far reaching adverse consequences today the Standing Committee in an urgent meeting rejected both the charges. BJP has taken a policy decision not to increase taxes, fees, charges, rates on the people of Delhi during these times of price spiral. 3 lakh more houses have come under the purview of house tax. It will result in the increase of property tax which will be used for providing better services to the people.

Shri Gupta told that there are 10,000 properties in Delhi which have been transferred by Government of India to the MCD. According to the policy of Government, these properties have to be made freehold. MCD will get additional income of 1000 crore rupees from getting these properties converted to freehold. During the BJP regime in MCD, 28 storied Civic Center has been constructed which is the best example of architecture of Delhi.

They resolved that BJP will never impose new taxes on the people and exploit them. BJP wants that MCD should go to the doors of people to serve them. Under the 73rd and 74th amendment of the Constitution, the State Finance Corporation were constituted for the purpose that they will strengthen the autonomous local bodies, but the Government is denying the spirit of the Constitution by misusing the State Finance Corporation for political advantage.

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