Friday, 16 December 2011

President of India should fix accountabilityy of 17 thousand crore rupees spent on Aadhar Cards - B.J.P.

BJP has demanded the President of India to fix the acountability of 17 thousand crore rupees spent so far on the ill considered Aadhar Card scheme by the Central Government.  The Party has also demanded the President to issue orders to cancel the Aadhar Cards already issued and withdrawing them after cancellation immediately. 

          It may be mentioned that firstly the Parliamentary Standing Committee and now the Planning Commission has rejected Aadhar Card scheme as unnecessary and dangerous.  Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi had launched this scheme in a grand inauguration programme.  So far crores of people have been issued their Aadhar Cards.

          In Delhi 70 lakh people have completed the process of getting Aadhar Cards.  This scheme will prove to be a great problem for the Government because many Bangladeshi infiltrators have got passports and other documents issued on this basis.  Many such persons have been issued citizenship certificates on this ground.  It has been learnt that many foreign elements have also purchased immoveable property on this basis in Delhi

          More than 10 lakh illegal Bangladeshis infiltrators live in Delhi.  The Supreme Court and the High Court have ordered that these Bangladeshis should be deported out of Delhi and sent to their country of original.  Violating the orders of the Court, the Chief Minister of Delhi has not deported any illegal Bangladeshi from Delhi.

          Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit says that ten lakh illegal Bangladeshis living in Delhi are the guest of Delhi Government.  How they can be driven out.  Congress and Delhi Government want to endanger the security of Delhi for the sake of vote politics.  It may be mentioned that Delhi has been the target of anti Indian terrorists. 

          BJP Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded the President of India that she should issue orders to the Central Government and Home Ministry that all the Aadhar Cards issued so far should be cancelled and recall.

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