Monday, 5 December 2011

BJP will oppose every attempt to hike power tariff


Delhi Government with the connivance of DERC has made all the preparations to hike power tariff in the capital to benefit the power companies whereas the Government has no powers, legal or Constitutional to issue directions or orders to an independent body like DERC. One of the power companies of Delhi has refused to pay 195 crores due to the NTPC. On the pretext of this refusal, the Chief Secretary of Delhi P.K. Tripathi has issued directions to power companies to recover 195 crore rupees from the people in the form of hike in power tariff which is injustice with the people of Delhi and a favour to the power companies.

            BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told the press persons here today that if the power tariff is increased in Delhi due to the directions of Chief Secretary of Delhi then BJP will come in the streets to oppose it. BJP alongwith the people of Delhi will oppose the attempt of increasing power tariff just after 22 percent hike recently. He told that the Supreme Court has cautioned the power companies of Delhi that if they are incurring loss then they should leave the field for other power companies. There are many power generation and distribution companies in India which are ready to supply power at lower rates in the capital.

Shri Gupta told that the Chairman of the DERC P.D. Sudhakar is interested in the profit of the power companies and not in the welfare of the people. He has directed the companies that they can make up their loss by increasing power tariff even four times in a year. Now, the power companies have become free to hike power tariff after every three months in the capital. Even after this the Government with the connivance of power companies wants to impose more burden of power tariff hike on the people of Delhi. Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has stated that the people of Delhi earn much hence, they should not hesitate in paying higher tariff.

            He further told that if the accounts of the power companies are audited by CAG then one can find profit of crores being earned by the power companies. The power distribution companies are earning profit of 6000 crore rupees annually. They are also benefiting by selling power at the rate of Rs.7 per unit to neighboring states. In spite of this by manipulating the accounts, they present deficit budget before the DERC and the Government and provide them opportunity to issue orders in their favour and impose burden of increased tariff on 170 lakh people of Delhi.      

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