Saturday, 17 December 2011

Signature campaign at 400 places of the capital

BJP Pradesh President Vijender Gupta issues white-paper on completion three  years misrule of Sheila Dikshit

On the completion of three years of misrule of the corrupt, anti people and despotic Government of Delhi, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta participated in two days signature campaign against Sheila Government at 400 places of Delhi and issued a white-paper against the Government at Azadpur Chowk.  He also participated signature campaigns at Model Town, Kalyan Vihar, Azadpur Chowk etc. places.  In this campaign more than 30,000 workers of the Party got signatures on the anti Government forms by the lakhs of the citizens of Delhi.  The Party will submit the signed forms to the President of India and will demand necessary legal action against Delhi Government.

          Congress Government of Delhi which had promised to make Delhi a city like Paris and Shanghai and make Delhi free from slums and garbage.  In order to make Delhi free from slums, the Chief Minister had promised to lakhs of poor people that under Rajiv Ratan Scheme, they will  be provided multi-storeyed houses on the sites where the present jhuggies are located.  Not a single house has been provided to any slum or J.J. dweller.

          At the time of Assembly elections in 2008 in the month of October, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit had distributed provisional certificates through Congress President Sonia Gandhi to the residents of thousands of unauthorised colonies.  It was promised to the people that after regularisation of the colonies, basic amenities will be provided in them within a year.  Not a single colony has been regularised as yet.  The Government and land mafia have together committed land scam of thousands of crores in the name of distributing provisional certificates.  Many fictitious unauthorised colonies were given provisional certificates in which there is no inhabitation at all.  When this scam came to light the Government is trying to cover up the case.

          Due to price spiral in Delhi 80% people are not getting sufficient nutritious food.  What to talk of curbing price spiral, the Chief Minister, adding insult to injury, has said that the people of Delhi earn much hence they are not affected by price spiral.  In Delhi the price spiral is more severe than other cities of the country.  By failing to decrease tax on petrol and diesel, the Government has fuelled price spiral.  Due to increase in circle rate, VAT, service tax, registry fee, school fee, power tariff, water and sewerage charges, it has become difficult for the people to live in Delhi.

          The Government had committed bungling of 70,000 crores in the CWG concluded in October, 2010.  Delhi Government also committed corruption of 25,000 crores in this bungling.  Shunglu Committee and CAG have confirmed it.  Both the constitutional institutions have recommended CBI enquiry into this bungling.  But Delhi Government rejected both the reports.  Shunglu Committee was formed by the Prime Minister himself.  Even after six months of the submission of report, the Central Government is avoiding any action on it.  By this way the Central Government is trying to save Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit openly.

          Delhi Government committed bungling of thousands of crores in the process of privatisation of power.  The people did not get any benefit from the privatisation of power.  The power tariff continued to increase.  By installing fast running meters, the power bills were inflated.  Now the Government has framed plans to privatise water.  Gradually this scheme is being implemented.  After privatisation of power it will be difficult to get drinking water.  The Delhi Government is not providing drinking water to 40% of Delhi and power to 20% people.  These people depend on private sources to get power and water.

          By taking anti people decision one after another, Delhi Government is showing its despotic character.  From time to time Chief Minister of Delhi issued such statements which creates bitterness in the society.  More than 40 lakh Poorvanchalis live in Delhi.  They have been demanding that public holiday should be declared on Chhath festival by Delhi Government.  Government did not announce holiday, but when the MCD announced holiday on Chhath Festival then the Chief Minister strongly opposed it.  Chief Minister considers Poorvanchalis as burden on Delhi.  She says that 40 lakh Poorvanchalis utilise the amenities in Delhi due to which there is scarcity of these amenities.

          Every year thousands of young students have to run from pillar to post for higher education.  Government has not opened a single University in its 13 years rule.  Hundreds of public schools have been opened by getting land at cheap rates.  These schools do not provide free education to the poor students as agreed upon by them at the time of allotment of land.  Hospitals have become slaughter houses.  Yamuna river has become a dirty drain in Delhi PDS system is under the complete control of corrupt people.  Even today lakhs of people sleep in open sky in Delhi.  Inspite of the orders of Delhi High Court, Government has not arranged for sufficient nightshelters.  Delhi has become crime capital for women, children, senior citizens.  Kidnapping, murder, rape cases are common in Delhi.

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