Saturday, 10 December 2011

Chief Minister ready to give bailout package of 500 crore rupees to BSES


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has raised a question to the Chief Minister that inspite of various options available why she is so much kind to the Reliance companies, BSES Rajdhani and BSES Yamuna that even after heavy profit being earned by them, the Government is ready to give bailout package of 500 crore rupees from the government treasury.

Shri Gupta told that Delhi Government does not hesitate in putting economic burden, taxes of hundreds of crores on 170 lakh people of the capital but it is ready to give bailout package of 500 crore rupees even after 22 percent increase in power tariff by the power supply companies of Delhi. Had the people of Delhi elected the Congress to power for imposing price spiral and unnecessary taxes?  Do the people of Delhi not deserve bailout package from the Government?

All the three power supply companies of Delhi submit accounts showing loss of thousands of crores annually to the DERC and Government by manipulating the accounts. The former Chairman of DERC had detected major manipulations by the companies and hence he has directed the company to decrease the power tariff because they were earning heavy profit. After his retirement, the new DERC Chairman P.D. Sudhakar believed in the false theory of losses presented by the companies and allowed them to increase power tariff by 22 percent. After that the companies adopted new tactics that during the summer days they have to purchase power at higher rates, hence they should be allowed to impose fuel surcharge from the people.

Accepting this unjustified demand of the companies, the DERC has allowed them to recover fuel surcharge after every three months. BJP has always been demanding that the accounts of all the three companies should be audited by the CAG of India, so that the truth may come out. The Central and Delhi Governments are not in favour of it because they are in connivance with these companies. In view of this connivance the Supreme Court had made strong comments in the course of hearing of the case regarding power tariff hike that if the companies are incurring loss on the present rates then they should leave the field. There are dozens of companies in India, which can supply power to the people of Delhi at present power tariff.  

BJP Pradesh President has advised the Chief Minister, Power Minister and Central Government that they should immediately cancel the agreement with the power companies which are demanding increase in power tariff again and again and the contract for supply be awarded to other companies so that the people of capital may get power supply at reasonable rates and the Government may get rid of the blackmailing by the present power companies. It may be mentioned that the NTPC had served notice to the power supply companies that power supply will be stopped with effect from mid night of 7th December because the Reliance company BSES is not paying dues of 200 crore rupees to the NTPC. Delhi Government sent comfort letter to the NTPC overnight and the Government requested NTPC not to stop the power supply to Delhi. NTPC has given grace of 30 days time to the BSES for paying the dues of 200 crores and only after that the NTPC will continue supply power to Delhi.

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