Monday, 12 December 2011

On completion of hundred years of establishment of New Delhi, BJP raises questions to the Government

Congratulating all the Delhiites on the occasion of completion of hundred years of establishment of New Delhi as capital, the BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that during the last hundred years the population of Delhi has increased from 4.5 lakhs to about two crores, but during these hundred years and 64 years of independent India its condition has become from bad to worse.  He has held the Central Government and Delhi Congress Governments responsible for it. 

            On this occasion Shri Gupta has raised several questions to the Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.  He had asked that after independence Congress has ruled the country for 50 years, why the life line of the capital of India, Yamuna river has turned into a dirty drain?  How the yamuna river became polluted even after spending 1800 crore rupees and who is responsible for it? 

            75 lakh people of the unauthorised colonies and slum colonies of Delhi have not been provided sewer connection.  Due to this they are living without the facility of sewer.  Contaminated water of 16 big drains is directly released in the yamuna river.  Now Delhi Government has framed a new scheme of 950 crores for cleaning yamuna.  Whether the Government will assure the people of Delhi that this new scheme will succeed and not end up as the previous two schemes?

            The traffic in the capital is chaotic.  In the peak hours the average speed has gone down to 8 kms per hour.  On an average 7.5 persons become victim of accidents on the roads of Delhi and either lose their lives or become handicapped.  There is no effective and strong Disaster Management policy for Delhi even today.  Is not the Congress Government responsible for these shortcomings?  The Supreme Court of India and High Court of Delhi have termed Delhi as the haven of rapists, but the Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit did not care about this strong comments from the Courts.  Why Delhi is changing into a capital of criminals and anarchic elements?  Why the women and senior citizens are not safe in their houses?  On an average 8 children in Delhi go missing every day and go under the control of criminal elements.  Is not the Delhi Government responsible for these missing children?

            According to the datas of Central Urban Development Ministry and Delhi Urban Development Department only 23% of Delhi is developed and planned.  Why 77% of Delhi is unplanned and sitting on the mouth of volcano?  How the hospitals, educational institutions and other public places constructed without fire fighting equipments being fitted in them? 
            1639 unauthorised colonies are lying in these pathetic conditions of Delhi.  50 lakh people are living in hellish conditions without any basic amenities.  Why the Congress Government did not regularise these colonies even after promising regularisation and providing basic amenities during the three tenures of Congress Government?  Why the Congress Government did not provide cheap or free houses to the people during its 12 years rule?

            DJB claims of supplying water to only 60% of the capital.  Out of this 40% water is stolen in the name of leakage.  What is the fault of the rest 40% people that they are not being supplied pure drinking water.  Only 75% people of Delhi are supplied electricity.  The rest 25% people are living in darkness. 

Why the condition of about 400 villages of Delhi is like 18th century?  Why Delhi Government has not provided, all the facilities of urbanisation to the villages of Delhi?  Why the Lal Dora drawn 108 years ago is present even today?  Why the Lal Dora has not been extended?  Why the villages of Delhi are not being paid compensation at the market rate?

            Why Congress Government has not framed any education policy, health policy, industries policy, trade policy, self-employment policy, unemployment eradication policy, sports policy, environment policy, youth policy, policy for women and senior citizens, land and buildings policy, urban policy, village policy, welfare policy etc. for the capital?  Why the NCR is limited to papers only even today?  Why a uniform policy for the development and administration of entire NCR region has not been framed whereas the Congress is the ruling party at Centre and Delhi?

            Shri Vijender Gupta has called upon all the people of Delhi that they should ask for reply of all these questions from the Delhi and Central Government.

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