Wednesday, 7 December 2011


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has suspended all the six Councilors of BJP with immediate effect on the basis of a sting operation by a TV Channel and called for explanation from them within 3 days.

            After suspending the Councilors namely Satyashwari Joshi, Anita Koli, Ravi Prakash Sharma, Subhash Jain, Ajit Tokas and Manju Gupta, Pradesh President said that BJP’s policy is zero tolerance against corruption and if any concrete proof of corruption against any office bearers is found that person will not be spared.

            Shri Gupta told that only on the basis of sting operation by a T.V. Channel the suspension of six Councilors of the MCD shows the real difference between the BJP and Congress. On the one hand BJP is such a Party which has never compromised with corruption and on the other hand is the Congress Party which protects publicly the corrupt persons. Shri Gupta has openly challenged the Congress that if it has the courage to fight corruption then it should immediately dismiss the Chief Minister of Delhi.

            He further told that although many cases of corruption have come to light in which Delhi Government has been involved but the case of corruption in Commonwealth Games, issuing Provisional Certificates to the unauthorized colonies and corruption in the privatization of power are such cases which have no parallel in the history of independent India.

            In Commonwealth Games scam the highest auditing authority under the Constitution of India, the CAG proved on the basis of various facts and documents that corruption of thousands of crores was committed by Delhi Government and which was subsequently confirmed by the Shunglu Committee appointed by the PM himself. Entire case was put in cold storage only to save the Chief Minister of Delhi responsible for the scam.

            Not only in the case of Commonwealth Games but also in the case of land bungling of thousands of crores by issuing illegal certificates to fictitious unauthorized colonies and protecting land mafias, no action was taken against the Chief Minister and only political tricks are being played and lame excuses are being put before the public.

He further told that since the BJP took over the reins of MCD, it has taken many important steps to end corruption and take the public service to the door of the people. MCD has started more than 100 facilities under E-Governance like Biometric System, E-Payment, E-Tendering online Building Plan approval. Now, the people have not to run from one table to another for getting their works done. People can use online service of the MCD from their homes. Various services of MCD have been connected with this service. Due to this corruption has been curbed and people are getting necessary services within a fixed time frame. BJP is in favour ending corruption completely from MCD. Many other steps will be taken in this direction in future. 

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