Thursday, 29 December 2011

People express their acrimony against hefty power and water bills in public meeting at Khyala, J.J. Colony


In a big public meeting of BJP in Khyala rehabilitation colony near Keshopur Sabji Mandi today, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta demanded the Delhi Government that the Government should provide pucca houses to the people living in J.J. Colonies. The people of the colony present in the public meeting complained that they are being served hefty water and power bills arbitrarily due to which it has become difficult to maintain their families in this time of price spiral. Pradesh President told that the Government should provide all the basic amenities in the colony necessary for life so that 10 lakh people of these colonies may lead respectable life and contribute to the development of Delhi.

            Akali Dal President S. Shri Avtar Singh Hit, West Delhi District President Shri Rajiv Babbar, Councillor Maninder Jeet Singh Sirsa, and other office bearers were present in the meeting. Shri Gupta told that there is great scarcity of water and power in Khyala rehabilitation colony. The Government is recovering power tariff at 27 percent higher rates. Since most of the peoples in this colony are poor, BJP demands that the entire arrear of ground rent should be waived. Uninterrupted and sufficient power and water should be supplied in the colonies, inflated power & water bills should be withdrawn and only actual consumption bills should be recovered and this type of cheating practices with the common man living in this area should be ended immediately.

            10 lakh people of Delhi live in rehabilitation colonies. They have been allotted houses in these colonies under rehabilitation programme. When they were displaced from other places their condition was very pathetic. Even today, they are maintaining their families with great difficulty in these small houses. They have been demanding that new pucca houses should be constructed for them and BJP strongly supports their demands.

            Delhi Government recovers many charges in the name of fees from the people of rehabilitation colonies. BJP also demands that these charges and taxes should be waived off immediately in view of the poor condition of people of these colonies. There is also scarcity of basic amenities and there is no arrangement for health services and recreation centers. The condition of pregnant ladies is very pathetic. Pradesh President Vijender Gupta demanded special arrangements in rehabilitation colonies for the women and the children. He demanded that the discrimination with the 10 lakh people of rehabilitation colonies should be ended so that a harmonious Delhi may be developed. 

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