Monday, 19 December 2011

Foundation stone of primary school of 7.55 crores laid in Bhalswa

If power supply is stopped, BJP and consumers will start decisive battle against Government - Vijender Gupta

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta laid the foundation stone of a primary school of 7.55 crores in Bhalswa-Jehangirpuri ward today.  This school is being constructed by the MCD which will have 42 rooms .  Addressing the people present on the occasion, Shri Gupta demanded the Delhi Government that it should brief the people about the dispute on payment for power supply between the private power supply companies of Delhi, NTPC and Delhi Government the reasons is that the NTPC has served notice to the Government, DERC and power companies to stop supply of 2046 MW power meant for Delhi if the dues of 1500 crore rupees is not paid by the power supply companies by the 7th January, 2012.  He told that lakhs of people pay the power bills on time and the power companies are also earning profit continuously.  Inspite of this if power supply is stopped to the people of Delhi then BJP will be compelled to start strong agitation against the Government and power companies. 

            He further told that two weeks ago, the NTPC had warned the power company of Delhi, BSES and Delhi Government that the power companies have to pay 1500 crore rupees to the NTPC.  If this amount is not paid to NTPC by 7th January, 2012 then the NTPC will stop power supply of 2046 MW meant for Delhi and Delhi Government, power companies and DERC will be responsible for it.  Court is hearing this case.  The Court is likely to pronounce its judgement on 20th December.  The Reliance Companies BSES, Rajdhani and BSES Yamuna have expressed their inability to pay the due of 1500 crores on the ground of incurring loss.  Delhi Government is in connivance with these companies.  Hence Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit had announced bailout package of 500 crores to these companies. 
            Senior Minister in Delhi Government Dr. Ashok Kumar Walia and others had opposed the bail out package of 500 crores openly.  BJP has always been of the view the power companies of Delhi prepare forged accounts showing loss every year and pressurise the DERC and Delhi Government to increase power tariff.  Due to this pressure the Government and DERC allowed 22% increased in power tariff this year.  The power companies are not happy with this increase.  They are demanding 70% increase which would be against the interest of the people.

            Shri Gupta told that it is the demand of BJP that the accounts of the power companies be audited by the CAG.  Because there are concrete proofs of the fact that the power companies had earned profit of 6,000 crore rupees last year.  It is expected that their profit will increase to 8,000 crore rupees this year.  If the power companies are not satisfied even after such huge profit then the Government should end the agreement with them and hand over the work of power distribution to other competent companies.  The High Court of Delhi has also told these companies that if they are incurring loss at the present rates then they should leave the field to other competent companies to whom the work of power supply may be awarded.  Shri Gupta has demanded explanatory papers from the Government on all the issues connected with power supply and has warned the power companies, Delhi Government and DERC that if power supply is stopped in Delhi and if people face difficulties to it then the BJP along with power consumers will start decisive battle against the Government, DERC and Discoms.  On this occasion Mandal President Karam Veer Rathi, RWAs and representatives of the villages were present.

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