Friday, 23 December 2011

BJP will launch agitation if bailout package is given to the power companies - Vijender Gupta

Speaking in a ceremony organised by the MCD for naming three parks in Ward No. 27, Begampur of Rohini area, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta warned Delhi Government that if bailout package is given to the private power companies of Delhi which are earning heavy profits then BJP will come in the streets to oppose this anti people decision. In this programme the park in Pocket 12 Sector 22 Rohini was named after Pandit Deepdayal Upadhyay, park in Pocket 13 was named after Sahib Singh Verma and park in Sector 15 was named after Bala Saheb Devras. On this occasion the Chairman of MCD Standing Committee Shri Yogender Chandoliya, District President Ramesh Chauhan, General Secretary Sunit Chauhan, Councillor Jai Bhagwan Yadav were also present. 

On this occasion BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that the Chief Minister of Delhi and Congress Government are in economic connivance with the private power companies of Delhi from the day of privatisation i.e. 1st July, 2002. Due to this corruption of 12,500 crore rupees was committed in the process of privatisation with the connivance of power companies and the Government. CAG and PAC of Delhi Government have confirmed on several occasions about manipulations. CAG and PAC of Delhi Government have recommended CBI enquiry, but the Chief Minister has not ordered any enquiry against the power companies. 

The entire concern of Delhi Government is to benefit the power companies by exploiting two crore people of Delhi. Hence Delhi Government supports the demand for increasing power tariff again and again. The Government put economic burden on the people by increasing power tariff by 22% although the companies earned profits of 6,000 crore rupees. The Government has also allowed the power companies to recover fuel surcharge every three months. Before this the power companies were recovering three times higher power bills by installing fast reading meters. Yet they are showing loss by manipulating the Annual Revenue Requirement. 

BJP has demanded audit of the accounts of the power companies from the day of privatisation, but the Chief Minister, Delhi Government and DERC are not accepting this demand. The power companies have prepared accounts on the basis of purchasing power equiipments from its subsidiary companies. There is major manipulation in this accounts so that the power companies may show loss. The Court has also expressed its doubt on the accounts of the companies. Delhi High Court has recently observed that if the companies are incurring loss at the present rates then they should leave the field so that other reputed companies may be given the work of power supply in Delhi. 

The power supply companies of Delhi have deliberately not paid for the power purchased from NTPC so that they may get assistant from the Government. Delhi Government is also partner in this conspiracy hence it has decided to give bailout package of 500 crore rupees for enabling them to pay dues of 3,000 crores to the NTPC. There is opposition even by the ruling party, but the Chief Minister is bent upon giving bailout package. The NTPC has served notice to the power companies, Delhi Government and Central Government on 7th December that if entire dues is not cleareed by 7th January, 2012 then 2046 MW power meant for Delhi will be stopped. Delhi Government wants to give bailout package to the power companies on this apprehension. 

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