Friday, 25 November 2011

10 lakh families of the capital will be ruined : movement will be started in entire Delhi

Delhi BJP will stage Dharna at Parliament on 28th November to protest against FDI in multi brand retailing - Vijender Gupta

10 lakh families of Delhi will be rendered unemployed and ruined due to allowing 51% Direct Foreign Investment in multi brand retailing by the Congress Government.  BJP Delhi has announced to stage dharna at Parliament on the 28th November to protest against the Government decision.  To finalise the strategy of this movement, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has called an urgent meeting of Party &  the Traders Cell at the Pradesh Headquarters tomorrow.  After finalisation of strategy the Party will start movement in entire Delhi.  Strongly criticising the decision of Congress Government, he said that there is possibility of corruption of crores of rupees even in this decision.  BJP will start strong movement in entire Delhi to protest against this decision because due to this anti people decision daily wagers will be pushed to the brink of starvation.

            Shri Gupta told that by allowing FDI in multi brand retailing, the Congress Government has decided to fully ruin the trade and industry of the country and Delhi.  This decision will have far reaching and dangerous consequences.  10 crore people will be rendered unemployed in the country due to this anti people and anti-national decision.  The Foreign Multi national companies were eying 30 lakh crore retail business in India since long.  They were continuously pressurising Congress Government for it.  Finally on 24th November Government decided to allow multi brand retailing in the cabinet meeting yesterday. 

            No area of trade and industry will escape from being ruined due to this decision.  Delhi works as a commercial and industrial hub for the States of India and like other countries of the world.  Entire country purchases goods from the traders and industrialists of Delhi. Delhi's trade and industry will be most adversely affected by this decision.  It will also affect the social and economic fabric of the capital.  The revenue of Delhi Government and Central Government will decrease.  It will also hinder the development of Delhi. 

            Shri Gupta told that Congress Government knows that the people of the country and Delhi are not going to vote them to power at Centre and Delhi.  Hence Congress Government is taking anti people decisions one after another and bent upon ruining the people.  If the foreign companies will enter in this business in India then agricultural land will diminish because the Government has asked these companies to arrange for land at their own level.  These companies having business of thousands of crores will purchase valuable agricultural land in all the districts and open their godowns and shops.  Due to poor Government policy made in favour of FDI in multi brand retailing agricultural growth will decrease and prices will rise.

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