Monday, 21 November 2011

A separate and efficient Disaster Management Department should be formed in Delhi


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has termed the incident of tragic death of 12 eunuchs and injury to 50 persons in the incident of fire yesterday in a religious conference of eunuchs which started on the 15th November in Nand Nagri area of Delhi as insensitivity and grave negligence of Delhi administration and has held Delhi Government fully responsible for it. He has demanded time bound enquiry by a retired Judge of High Court into the incident of fire and theft of gold worth crores of rupees besides negligence of the administration. BJP has demanded compensation for the theft of the ornaments of gold of the eunuch.

After visiting the place of incident, GTB hospital and mortuary, Shri Gupta told that followers of all the religion from all over the country were participating in the eunuch religious conference from       15th November to 3rd December. The eunuch society of India has organized this conference for social integrity, religious unity, harmony and goodwill. Delhi administration was aware of the fact that more than 5000 eunuchs and people of all religions will participate in this religious conference yet the administration continued to sleep. They did not try to know whether all the legal and administrative formalities have been completed or not?

The eunuchs told Shri Gupta at the place of incident and at the hospital that gold ornaments worth crores of rupees were stolen. The administration was not serious and injured persons were not sent to the hospital promptly. Due to this the number of deaths increased. Delhi Government has announced compensation of 2 lakhs rupees but it has not been distributed as yet. BJP is of the view that the amount of compensation is insufficient. It should be increased immediately because these eunuchs had come from outside Delhi and they have to return to their home districts. They do not want to run from pillar to post for compensation.

Shri Gupta told that Delhi Government talks about Disaster Management when some incident occurs but it forgets to fulfill its promise. People have not forgotten the incident of building collapse in Lalita Park and now this incident of fire happened in Nand Nagri of trans Yamuna area. He has raised a question to the Chief Minister that why full compensation has not been paid to the family members of the dead and injured persons in the Lalita Park building collapse whereas one year time has elapsed. BJP has demanded at the time of Lalita Park incident that it should form a separate and effective Disaster Management Department. At present this department is working as a unit under revenue department which lacks facilities.

BJP Pradesh President told that the seriously injured persons have been admitted to GTB hospital and LNJP hospital. Since the conditions of these injured persons are serious they should be shifted to burn department of Safdarjung hospital. The injured persons have become handicapped for whole life hence they should be provided financial assistance as handicapped persons. Delhi Government should answer to the people that what steps it is going to take to prevent repetition of such incident in future. 

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